♥ Miss March 2010

Biographic Data Points

A native of San Jose, Costa Rica, Kathryn's grandfather is actually the ex-president of Guatemala, Jacabo Arbenz Guaman who served in the 1950's. The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. Kathryn earned an education in International Affairs so even if you're not from Costa Rica this girl will be reason enough to start some foreign affairs of your own.

She earned her start with AXE Modeling agency at the age of just 15-years old and has since done numerous magazine and television spots, even appearing on the series "Retembos" in Costa Rica.

Kathryn is a full fledged working girl, but also takes time for herself in the gym. She's even won the a gold medal at the AMED Championship of the International Federation of WABBA as a fitness model. Her natural beauty and ease in front of the camera continues to land her television work in Costa Rica and she is currently attached to a project called "Repretel". If you've needed a reason to access Costa Rican programming via satellite, you finally have one.