La Toya Montoya ♥ Miss October 2009

La Toya Montoya
Biographic Data Points

One of our three calendar girls from Bogotá, Colombia, La Toya was on the cover of seven magazines when we did her shoot. La Toya grew up in the town of Santa Marta, surrounded by mountains, jungles and ocean. She loves water sports, including water-skiing, kayaking and body surfing. She wants to be the first Colombian to swim the English Channel! La Toya loves men who are confident and have a great sense of humor. Her favorite part of a man's body is his butt. We're sure men everywhere would return the compliment without hesitation.We here at BetUS would wager that La Toya Montoya's name isn't the only part of her you wouldn't mind rolling off your tongue. Good luck. La Toya is one of the most sought after high fashion models from Columbia and it's easy to see why. Just because the best in the business are hot after La Toya, that doesn't mean this girl isn't down to Earth as they come.

Growing up in the town of Santa Marta, La Toya embraces all that nature has to offer. She loves to soak herself in water sports like kayaking, body surfing and water skiing and we're sure none of you would mind joining her for a splash around.

To be with La Toya you have to boast some serious confidence, and have a fantastic sense of humor as well. It might also help if you know how to swim, because La Toya aims to be the first Columbian to swim the English channel. Most of us will be fine by keeping ourselves busy drowning in her sexy photos.