Claudia Gestro ♥ Miss July 2008

Claudia Gestro
Biographic Data Points

At 5-foot-9, Claudia certainly turns a lot of heads, but this Peruvian model found her start by sheer good fortune. Working at a Spanish restaurant for a mere $3.00 an hour, a customer approached her about painting her in the woods. Sounds sketchy, but Claudia agreed. That brief encounter with a painter encouraged her to pursue a career in modeling. Turns out you can be creepy if you have a paintbrush.

Graduating from Florida International with a degree in Mass Communications helped Claudia as she tried her hand at hosting shows on Telemundo and modeling for shoots featured in Ocean Drive magazine. Claudia has since gone on to have a successful modeling career and has even recorded her own album called "Dormido" and it's in Spanish…not that we care. Hearing her sultry vocals melts us almost as well as the pictures of her in a bikini.

She's 5-foot-10 with brown eyes and brown hair and has worked with Playboy TV Latin America, Hawaiian Tropic and loves to play hoops. Good luck driving it to the hole on this 5-foot-10 bombshell, fellas.