Boxing Predictions - Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Shane Mosley

Every fight fan deep down would love to see Floyd Mayweather get knocked the f*ck out. He’s been a mouth piece for so long, but has been able to back it up every time he steps in the right.

I think Shane Mosley knows that if he can somehow connect and put “Money Mayweather” out, that he may just become a national hero.

The problem with that is Floyd Mayweather doesn’t stand in there and exchange with his opponents. He is notorious for bouncing around, playing defense, and picking his spots to land quick strikes that earn him points.

So, this Saturday, when Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather enter the right and the crowd is electric and fight fans are getting pumped for an action-packed contest with big exchanges, knockdowns and hopefully a knockout, remember that the flashiest Mayweather will be all night is during his ring entrance.

Floyd is getting a reputation as being a boring boxer that doesn’t give fight fans the action they pay all this money to see.

After his last few bouts, boxing fans have been left mildly entertained as, yes, he has put on a clinic on punch avoidance and shown off his quick hands, but he hasn’t shown us that he’s man enough to really fight.

I think that’s why there are so many people rooting for Mosley in this one. I know that I’d love to see Mosley get Mayweather in the corner, fight him a little dirty, and force Floyd to show us if he is really as tough as that mouth claims he is.

For Mosley to do this, he’s going to have to attack Mayweather all night long and trying to close down the ring on him. If he’s able to do that, and get in close enough to connect with his power shots, he has a chance at winning this fight.

But that’s been the game plan against Floyd for years, and no one has been able to do it.

It’s no secret that Mosley wants to get into a war with Mayweather, but it’s no secret that Mayweather will be looking to land those the single shots and get out before he can be countered.

So much so that he will likely not risk throwing many combinations at all as Mosley will be more than willing to take a few to get inside and start throwing combinations of his own.

The chances of Mayweather getting caught up in that type of fight are very slim.

He’s made a living off dancing around the ring, running his mouth and doing enough to win fights without having to really stand in there box.

I’m one of those guys that would love nothing more than for Mayweather to get put to sleep, but my duty to you is to advise where to lay your money, and that has to be on Floyd Mayweather (-450).

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