Too many times I am asked by some of my fellow college basketball bettors whether or not I want to get into a small league type March Madness Bracket or, worse, whether or not I want to jump into the yearly “office” bracket.

For those of us who handicap sports and gamble every day, jumping into a ten to twenty dollar bracket to potentially make $200 dollars is sort of ridiculous. I mean, we are the same folks who are going to put $200 on a single game in the first-round. Do we really want to sit around for three weeks before finding out if we can look at our buddy Bob from shipping and say, “Dude! I beat you!”

Hell, no! There’s only one reason to fill out an NCAA Tournament March Madness Bracket, friends. Green, baby. It’s all about the green.

So what is BetUS offering college basketball bettors this year?

For one, a million dollars to bettor who comes up with the perfect bracket. That’s right. As Dr. Evil would say with that creepy pinky in his mouth, “One milllionnnnn dollars!”

BetUS is also offering a 25% bonus to those of us who refer a friend to BetUS. They also have two bracket buster contests just in case you don’t create the perfect bracket.

The BetUS March Madness bracket contests go live on March 16th. So, get ready, friends! Get ready to see some green!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s all well and good but I’ve been playing in my office bracket for twenty years. Why change now? And, more importantly, how do I get my friends and office workers to buy into the BetUS bracket?

If you’re serious about March Madness, as most college basketball bettors are, then you should already be planning to get in on the BetUS action. As far as getting some of your friends and fellow workers to join you - - well, I’ve got a few pointers.

First, you need to approach your male friends based on the wuss scale. How do you tell if your friend is a wuss or not? If he listens to James Taylor and Billy Joel he’s a wuss. If he listens to Bob Dylan and anybody who grew up in Mississippi, then he’s not a wuss.

Here’s what you say to wuss friends, “Hey, BetUS is offering a pretty cool bracket. I think it’s pretty cheap to get in and you could make a lot of money. If it’s too much money for you, we could go halvsies!”

Here’s what you say to your non-wuss friends, “Dude - - seriously. Ten dollars? What’s the pay-out? Fifty bucks? What’s wrong with you? Do you piss sitting down? Is there something underneath those pants that you want to tell me about? Dude - - seriously. Just go through BetUS.”

Of course, I know that all of us don’t just have male friends. So, I’ve concocted a script for your female friends who should be getting in on the BetUS action as well. Girls are actually easier then guys. All you have to say is, “You could win a lot more money through BetUS.” Girls understand the green concept very, very well.

Easy, right? So, what are you waiting for! You know when the BetUS March Madness brackets go live - - March 16th - - you know how much money you could win for the perfect bracket - - one million dollars - - you know that there is a 25% refer a friend bonus and you know that there are two bracket buster contests.

I’ve even given you some pointers on how to get your family and friends involved.

So start spreading the word already!

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