March Madness is here and so is the final stretch of the NBA regular season. What does that mean? It means that us BetUS basketball lovers have one job and one job only! Bet basketball, baby! Bet some basketball!

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The key with betting basketball, whether it be the NBA or the NCAA, is being able to catch a team on the upswing. Basketball is a lot like horse racing in the sense that teams on the rise end up winning not only one or two or three games in a row, but can - - like the Houston Rockets - - win eighteen games in a row! We’ve seen this happen a few times during the regular season this year. Hot teams stay hot for a while. Cold teams? Well, it takes a while for them to get hot.

Right now, for the NBA the key is finding out which teams are going to be hot in the playoffs. It’s not that hard really because the teams that are hot in the playoffs are usually the same teams that were hot during the regular season. In the Western Conference, spend time handicapping the New Orleans Hornets. I have that sneaky feeling that the Hornets are going to be a tough out in the playoffs. I also have that Becky type feeling that the Suns are going to hit a nice stride going into the playoffs.

Is it me or did Mr. Nash sure look happy about the pace in the Suns vs. Spurs game this Sunday? Maybe the Suns turn the corner, right?

In the Eastern Conference, live it up by betting on the good old Orlando Magic not being chumps. Beware the East come NBA Championship time, friends!

Another thing to remember come NBA Playoff time - - the over and under becomes god. Why? Because the playoffs are about defense. Some of the match-ups will have high over/unders some of the match-ups will have low over/unders. In either case, most of the time the over/unders are going to be out of whack. That’s just the nature of NBA basketball betting. Over/unders become god in the NBA during the playoffs! Pay attention to the match-ups at each position in order to get a good idea of how the over/unders will go.

Okay, now on to the most important ingredient of the month - - March Madness!

The biggest key with March Madness is understanding how teams match-up to each other. That’s going to determine whether or not the major teams cover the ridiculous BetUS spreads that college basketball bettors are bound to find.

How much fun is it to gamble on March Madness? Winning lots of money fun! That’s the best kind of fun, right? Winning lots of money fun?

Think about these teams to cause upsets early in the tournament - - USC.

Some of the above teams we know well, like Pitt and USC. The others we don’t know as well, like Drake, Miami-Florida, and Vanderbilt. The key with betting on any of these teams is understanding match-ups. For instance, USC would be a great second-round wager to upset the Memphis Tigers. USC only lost by four points to Memphis early this season. They also have the terrific guard play that could cause some major issues for a team like Memphis.

West Virginia, because of Coach Huggins, is a terrific wager to upset almost anybody in the tournament. Pitt plays NCAA Tournament type defense which can only be matched by Louisville. That means Pitt could be tough. Miami-Florida comes out of the underrated ACC and played UNC as well as Duke tough during the season. Drake is just a very good team that nobody knows about. They might be good enough to make it to the Elite Eight.

Take your time deciding on which long-shots to wager on in the tournament. If you really do your homework, wagering on long-shot teams in the NCAA Tournament could be a decided boon for BetUS gamblers.

Which teams look primed to get upset early on in the tournament? Memphis for one. Both Kansas look like upset material to me and even though I love Bruce Pearl and those tough Tennessee Volunteers, the SEC wasn’t that good this year. I have to go with Tennessee as a team waiting to get upset as well.

North Carolina, all have that “let’s get to the deep end of the NCAA Tournament pool” look. They should last a very long time in this NCAA Tournament.

Have fun, friends! March is here! It’s time to get Mad!

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