Okay BetUS.com Sportsbook as several ‘bubble teams’ get set for the start of their respective conference tournaments that will take place with the start of Championship Week games and all week prior to the annual NCAA ‘Selection Sunday’ event that kicked off Sunday, March, 9.

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While many teams have already earned their respective places in the national tournament and several others are ‘locks’ to get in, numerous teams still need to pick up wins to solidify their chances of getting in.

With what looks like six to eight ‘bubble’ spots available this year, some deserving teams that have been featured in the BetUS.com Locker Room this season will be left on the outside looking in, as usual, while others make an emphatic case for their inclusion in the tournament.

Here is a look at some of the top ‘Bubble teams’ in the nation and a look at their respective chances of getting into the annual national tournament.

After last weekend’s games, my top ‘bubble’ teams in the nation are, Michigan State 63-54 at home on Sunday.

The Buckeyes have posted a respectable 19-12 overall record this season and have gone 13-13-1 against the spread in the BetUS.com Sportsbook this season despite losing Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr. to the NBA Draft.

Three Pac-10 teams are also on the bubble, though only one might make it in afterWashington State gain entry.

The Arizona Wildcats, (18-13. 15-13-1 ATS), will fight to the finish in the Pac-10 tourney that starts on Wednesday.

My personal pick of the three is the Sun Devils, but that certainly isn’t etched in stone.

Other bubble teams that I like are the Florida, (21-10 SU, 11-11 ATS), out of the tourney picture with their 75-70 home victory over the two-time defending champs on Sunday.

The UMass Minutemen, (21-9 SU, 14-12-1 ATS), also have an excellent shot at getting in and could help themselves with another victory or two in this week’s A-10 tournament scheduled to start on Wednesday, while also knocking out another A-10 bubble team, the Temple Owls, one of the best ATS bubble teams in the country,(18-12 SU, 19-11 ATS).

The Texas A&M Aggies, (22-9 SU, 12-13 ATS), are another team with a solid overall record that remains sitting on the fence and will need another victory or two in this week’s Big 12 Tournament though they have been mediocre at best against the spread this season.

Maybe it’s me, but something tells me that if the Syracuse Orange, (19-12 SU, 14-15 ATS), get in to the NCAA Tournament, they could catch fire and win a few games before bowing out.

Another Big East team that is sitting on the fence is the Villanova Wildcats, (19-11 SU, 11-16 ATS). Though they haven’t performed well against the spread all season and have been an inconsistent bunch five wins in their last seven games – and another one or two in the Big East tournament – could get them in.

Another bubble team that I think could cause some teams problems in the NCAA Tournament and one of the better ATS bubble teams in the country, is the UAB Blazers, (22-9 SU, 15-10-1 ATS), who are in second place in the competitive Conference USA. One more victory in the conference tournament which begins on Wednesday and this team should definitely be in.

Another solid ATS Team that has posted a stellar overall record this season and should find its way into the national tournament is the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, (25-5 SU, 15-12 ATS).

The Clemson 70-69 on Sunday.

One of the best ATS teams in the nation and one of the best bets to earn a spot in the NCAA Tournament is the New Mexico Lobos, (24-7 SU, 22-7-1 ATS). While I think this team should already be in the tournament, one more win in this week’s Mountain West Conference Tournament, should secure their place in the National Championship Tournament.

VCU, (24-7 SU, 17-10-1 ATS) also are possibilities to gain entrance into the NCAA Tournament as well.

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