WGC Bridgestone Invitational – Welcome Back Tiger Woods

BREAKING NEWS: Adam Scott leads after 18 holes at -8, Tiger is tied for 18th at -2.

No Knocked up knees, no knocked up bimbos as far as we know and a knocked off caddy all spell COMEBACK for Eldrick. The fact is that a slimmed down less agro-Tiger can return to form before next week's PGA Championship.

“It feels solid, it feels stable, no pain” sounds like he is ready to get his piece out on the local Waffle House circuit, and I believe he will pass the syrup around to all takers.

This also means another more important point that Tiger Woods, the man, is strong and ready to pummel opponents (and strippers) as he has in the past.

Tiger hasn’t won a PGA golf tournament in nearly 2 years, and he is ranked at his lowest since joining the PGA Tour at number 28. That puts him 4 behind Martin Laird and 7 behind Kyung-tae Kim (who?) in the PGA Golf World Rankings.

This fact along with the top 2 golfers in the ranking being from England piss him off but not nearly as bad as his Fed Ex ranking of 135. He needs to be 125th or better to qualify for the PGA Tour Playoffs, and you can bet your brother’s inheritance (it’s more than yours) he qualifies.

WGC-Bridgestone Invitational Tiger and Tamers:

  • Rickie Fowler (+3000) – Tied for 9th and 8th in the first two WGC events and finished in a tie for 5th at the British Open less than a month ago. On verge of Championship but probably not this one.
  • Dustin Johnson (+2000) – First PGA event since imploding at yet another Major he had won – the British Open.  2nd in the WGC-Cadillac and Nice play at +2000 here.
  • Rory McIlroy (+1000) – Favorite to win at Firestone for a reason – this course sets up sweet-ass for the U.S. Open annihilator. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t help but think of Scooby Doo EVERY time I say Rory. SEE! I told you!
  • Phil Mickelson (+1800) – Lo siento Gringos but WGC events are not Phil’s bag baby! I would rather take him at +1000 for the PGA Championship 2011 next week.
  • Tiger Woods (+1500) - C’mon people, he has won at Firestone 7 times, and he is +1500 at Bet US to win the WGC Bridgestone Invitational. I’ve said this before about Tiger’s ridiculous payout for a win, and I’ll say it again – BET TIGER WOODS! A Buck on the Tiger gets you 15 Benjamins back baby.
    You should also jump into the Woods in the A-T-L for the PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club. Tiger is +1400 to win next week at the year’s last PGA Major, and he has 14 major wins under that pelt of his so far. COINCIDENCE? I think not! This price will go down, down, down after he shows his strength this week in Akron, Ohio.