Masters 2011 Online Betting – Haters Beware-Truth alert

I’m trying to gather final Masters 2011 Online Betting nuggets watching the Golf Channel, but I must have accidentally clicked on the Phil Mickelson Cult channel. All this hate, lies and videotape may drive me to drink the Kool-Aid.

This fruitcake hodgepodge of alleged experts, writers (not experts) and blow-dried pieces of fluff taking up valuable time trying to kiss Phil the Phony’s ass all day has finally pushed me over the wedge.

The Masters Golf Tournament – April 7-10, 2011

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Course: Augusta National Golf Club, Par 72 – Yardage 7,445

The Tradition of all Traditions is finally here, but some things are a little different. Tiger Woods is now ranked number 7 in the world behind number 3 Phil Mickelson for the first time in 14 years.

Phil still hasn’t EVER been Number 1, though he has blown plenty of opportunities to be in the last year.

Phil and Tiger are the top two favorites for Masters 2011 Online Betting again which is the usual, but this time Lefty is favored over Woody. I mean, he is the defending champion and he did win last week right...right……riiiiiight.

Most of you are going to hate me (probably more) after this article, but I can’t be my reserved neutral self anymore (hehe).

Grey Goose should be ashamed of themselves sponsoring these phony Tiger-hating phony baloney sausages (my mom used to say that) kissing Phil’s ass on this golf channel circle jerk.

If it wasn’t a waste of my valuable time, it would be amusing to me watching these hacks that couldn’t make it on the golf course describe what Tiger should do or what he did wrong or where he messed up. YOU POMPOUS FUCKS!

The only reason he is not waxing the entire field of golfers today is because he strayed and got too busy waxing stray women while being married. The guy messed up, and he’s trying to make amends starting with proving the Masters 2011 Online Betting Odds wrong by winning.

It’s amazing how stupid television stations and corporations must think the average consumer is. Any poll on any day on any subject between Woody and Lefty is a landslide to the REAL deal, Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, but they will try to tell you every day that it is Phil.

The media’s attempt to brand Phil as the modern day Arnold Palmer just doesn’t have any legs, and all of these PGA Professional’s attacks on Tiger are just jealousy and envy just about to bite them right in their own arses.

From Lee Westwood to Geoff Ogilvy to fireball Notah Be Gay, all that smack talk has no smack to back their Snack Pack. I’ll still take Tiger at Masters 2011 Online Betting Odds, especially at +850. If you can still get him at +145 against Phil for the tournament, FIRE ON IT!!

If you didn’t get to bet him early, don’t worry. He won’t play himself out of the tournament first round and will be around even par. You can still get great odds in matchups and Adjusted Odds to Win. Take Advantage of these Masters Odds people. This is Tiger Woods.

HATE does not help encourage people to favor what you do. HATE does not make a public image real when it’s a facade. HATE does not help bring a man down or hide your jealousy.

The Politician, the man of the people and the loooooser of the Masters 2011 Online Betting to miss another shot at Number 1 Ranking glory is….Sorry Phillis.

Sure bitches, Tiger hasn’t won a Masters since 2005. He was 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 6th and tied for 4th last year since then. I guess he’s really been slacking huh. For the haters, go bet Phil and hide your head in hope.

One of my favorite sports quotes of all time comes from the Houston Rockets head coach when NOBODY believed they could win an NBA Championship in 1995 after their 1994 NBA Crown.

“I have one thing to say to those non-believers. Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.” Rudy Tomjanovich

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