Tiger Woods Masters Prop Bets

We all know what has happened to Tiger Woods over the last several months: Mainly, that his life spiraled dangerously out of control because of marital infidelity. It started on Thanksgiving night with a car crash, followed by a hospital visit and eventually time in sex rehab. And now, all these months later, here we are, watching him prepare for his first golf tournament since all this went down.

So what better way to commemorate, than by placing some Tiger Woods prop bets before the 2010 Masters gets under way?

What Will Tiger Shoot on the First Hole of Round 1: Par (-250):

As a general rule when making prop bets, it’s never a good idea to take such poor odds.

However, this is an interestingly safe wager. You’ve got to think that Woods won’t be going for it all on the first hole, and is smart enough to know that the tournament can’t be won or lost in just a few shots.

While trying to keep emotions in check, don’t expect him to attempt any crazy shots on the first hole, just keep the ball in the fairway, and in play.

Again, the odds on this Tiger Woods prop bet aren’t great. But they may be the safest play on board.

Highest Completed Round Shot: Under 73 ½ (-105):

For those of you who might not know, par at Augusta National Golf Course is 72. Which means that Woods would have to complete at a round at two over for you not to hit this prop bet.

Again, we know that a lot has happened to Woods over these last few months, but he is also one of the greatest athletes in the world at blocking out distraction, and focusing on the task at hand. And amidst all of his personal turmoil last year (before it became public), Woods still shot an incredible eight under par, and had no round worse than a 72.

Plus, this is a course that Woods knows front and back, as he’s been playing since his college days at Stanford. He’s won the whole thing six times. If anyone can keep the ball in regulation and avoid disaster on this difficult course, it’s Tiger.

Lowest Completed Round Shot: Over 68 ½ (-105):

If you’ve made it this far in the review of the Tiger Woods Prop bets, you’ve probably sensed a theme, mainly that Woods will not beat himself. Especially in his first professional tournament since September of last year.

Expect him to simply try to hit smart shots, avoid water hazards and sand traps and stay in contention. That’s been classic Tiger Woods his whole career, and it was true last year as well, as he had rounds of 70-72-70 on Thursday-Saturday.

Of course, he will try to go for the jugular on Sunday, just because that’s what Woods does. But after the emotion of the last few days, weeks and months, will he be able to channel that energy for a big run, and a round that is four shots below par or better? Don’t expect it.

Take the over of 68 ½ for any completed round, in this year’s Tiger Woods Masters prop bets.