Tiger Woods Press Conference and Masters Props

Every golfing fan in the world knows that Tiger Woods will be returning to competitive golf at the Masters next week. Already El Tigre is a +300 favorite in the BetUS 2010 sportsbook.

Sports gamblers can also bet Tiger Woods’ Masters Props. Below is a list of each prop being offered and my analysis.

Tiger Woods Masters Props

** Odds listed in sportsbook

Will Woods wear the Buddhist bracelet in his interview?

Yes -300
No +200

Analysis: This is an easy one. Woods will definitely wear the Buddhist Bracelet. The man is trying to gain any sort of sympathy that he can. He needs to show that he’s “turned the corner” so to speak. That means wearing a piece of jewelry that means nothing to anybody. Most real Buddhists don’t believe in the power of jewelry, but that’s okay. Another reason why Tiger will wear the bracelet? It’s a good subject changer.

Pick: Yes -300

Will Elin Nordgren show up at the Masters?

Yes -125
No -115

Analysis: This is another easy one from my perspective. Elin will not show up at the Masters. She loves her husband, or at least pretends to, but she won’t show up at the Masters because the shame is just too great still, and she won’t want to answer any questions from anybody. Not just the media, but anybody. She shouldn’t have to.

Pick: No -115

Will any of Tiger’s mistresses show up at the Masters?

Yes +200

Analysis: Yes! I mean, I would. Come on, what’s the best way to really cause some trouble? Show up when the man is trying to sink a 15-foot birdie for the victory on the 18th! I suspect that more than one of his mistresses will show up because there are so many out there and Augusta National won’t be able to keep track of all of them. They couldn’t ban all of them anyhow.

Will Tiger mention Sandra Bullock?

Yes +400

Analysis: No. Okay, he might if someone asks him. So, call up the sportsbook and get some real info on this one. If he is asked about Sandra Bullock or Jesse James and he says, “her”, does that count? I’m not sure if he will say anything, but I think it’s worth looking into. He won’t start the conversation…that’s for sure.

[Ed. Note: He will have to mention Bullock by name, prompted by questioning or otherwise.]

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