March Madness Bracket Building Tips – Five Keys To striking it Rich on the NCAA Tournament

Okay NCAA basketball bettors, the 2010 NCAA Championship Tournament is finally here – and with its arrival – it brings the more exciting opportunities to break than ever.

In an effort to help college basketball betting enthusiasts everywhere make winning wagers throughout the course of this year’s tournament, I have put together five bracket-building tips that each college hoops gambler should keep in mind before placing a wager on any matchup.

With that said – and the tournament just days away from getting underway – let me get started with my informative fun-filled, bracket-building instructions.

Do Your Homework – Know who’s hot and who’s’ not.
The first rule of thumb college basketball bettors is to do your homework on every team in the tournament. There is absolutely no substitute for knowing which teams are playing well, both straight up and against the NCAAB spread. While it’s nice to get the experts’ advice, doing some additional studying on each and every team and pending matchup are crucial keys to building a successful bracket.

Always pick with you head, not your heart.
Never, ever make a pick on a team because you ‘like them’ or want them to succeed because you’re an alumni of the school or because ‘you like a certain teams’ uniform colors’. Make informed, knowledgeable wagers by … doing your homework.

Plan For an Upset in Each Bracket – Sometimes, Two.
The NCAA Championship Tournament bettor that doesn’t pan for an upset or two in every bracket is asking for trouble. I know it’s kind of hard to pick upsets, but picking one or two in each bracket – and nailing it – could be very profitable indeed.

When in doubt, stick With Your First Pick.
Just like in life when your mama told you to ‘always go with your first mind or first instinct’ she wasn’t wrong. Switching picks quickly or going against your first pick often ends up in a gut-wrenching loss that leaves bettors kicking themselves in disgust. As a rule of thumb, when you have a tough pick at hand, go with your first instinct.

Remember, the Cream Generally Rises To the Top.
Last but not least, NCAA basketball betting aficionados should remember that the ‘cream generally rises to the top,’ meaning the team with the better, players and deeper roster will more often than not, walk away victorious, upsets aside.

Using these five bracket-building tips will go a long way towards helping college basketball lovers everywhere make a plethora of payday producing picks throughout the course of the entire 2010 NCAA Championship Tournament.

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