Final Four Picks – Which Head Coach Gives His Team Best Chance to Advance?

BetUS NCAA Brackets basketball bettors that are looking to zero in on their Final Four picks need to know …

What makes a great college basketball coach BetUS roundball bettors?

Is it the ability to take a bunch of modest-level talent players and help them maximize their potential? Or maybe it’s the gift of being able to get a group of individuals to think selflessly and act as a unit on the floor.

Maybe it’s a combination of the two and a whole lot more.

Whatever characteristics that make for a great college basketball coach, the quartet of head coaches that are competing in this year’s Final Four Picks 2011, each have some distinct qualities that have made them successful at their chosen profession.

This NCAA Brackets basketball betting analysis on the four head coaches that have led their respective teams to become one of the remaining Final Four picks on the board will inform and entertain college hoops gamblers everywhere.

Jim Calhoun – Connecticut – 25th Season

Final Four Picks seekers probably know that Calhoun has won two National Championships (1999 and 2004) while reaching the Final Four on four occasions. Calhoun also led the Huskies to the NIT title back in 1988 while winning seven Big East Tournament championships along the way.

I think Calhoun is as good as any coach in the nation in getting the maximum out of his players. While he gets some talented players on an annual basis, I would venture not nearly the same amount of ‘blue chip’ players as Kentucky, Kansas or North Carolina.

This season may have been the venerable head coach’s best job ever as he’s led the Huskies to the Final Four despite being an NIT ballclub just last season.

John Calipari – Kentucky – 2nd Season

NCAA Brackets basketball bettors that are looking for some Final Four picks may wan to keep in mind that John Calipari has been highly successful at every coaching stop he’s made (except the New Jersey Nets) and has now taken three programs (UMass, 1996), (Memphis, 2008), (Kentucky, 2011) to the Final Four. Last but not least, Calipari has led his teams at Memphis and Kentucky to five straight appearances in the Sweet Sixteen and four Elite Eight appearances during the five-year span.

Brad Stevens – Butler – 4th Season

BetUS college hoops gamblers that are looking to cash in on their Final Four picks this weekend should know that the 34-year-old Stevens has led the Butler Bulldogs to the March Madness NCAA brackets basketball tournament in each of his four seasons leading the program while leading the Bulldogs to within a hair of winning it all in last season’s title game. Now, with consecutive appearances in the Final Four, Stevens has turned himself into a household name – and one of the best college coaches in the country no matter how young he is.

Shaka Smart – VCU – 2nd Season

The 33-year-old Smart is proving that he is undoubtedly one of the best college basketball coaches in the nation for NCAA brackets basketball bettors that are looking to cash in on their Final Four picks

Just one season after leading the Rams to the CBI championship, Smart and his surprising VCU Rams are in search of a whole lot more – and could very well get what they’re looking for if they continue to follow Smart’s lead.

A former assistant at Florida, Clemson and Akron, Smart will undoubtedly be one of the most sought-after coaches in the country following his successful NCAA Tournament run.