Final Four Props: Michigan State vs. Butler Props Could Yield Huge Profits

The Michigan State Spartans take on the Butler Bulldogs in the 1st of 2 semi-final games this Saturday in the 2010 NCAA Tournament Final Four.

The Spartans are 1 ½ point underdogs in the college hoops sportsbook against the Bulldogs. That’s not the only bet that a sports gambler can make on this year’s Final Four, however. There are also a number of prop bets being offered on the game.

Let’s take a look at some of the best prop bets being offered in the Michigan State vs. Butler game.

Best Prop Bets – Michigan State vs. Butler

** Odds listed in NCAA sportsbook

Double-Result Props

Michigan State – Butler: +475

To me this is a terrific bet only because I believe that Butler will, at the end, wear down Michigan State. Michigan State’s injuries, and the lack of at the point, no doubt will eventually lead to a loss in this tournament.

Butler has been playing as well as any team in the tournament. They legitimately beat a #1 and #2 seed to get to the Final Four and aren’t going to allow Michigan State’s so-called “magic” to get to them. They may be outscored in the 1st half but they won’t be outscored in the 2nd half.

Butler – Butler: +125

I couldn’t argue against this double-result. Butler outscored Kansas State in the 1st half and then tied with them in the 2nd half. The Bulldogs outscored Syracuse in the 1st half but then was outscored in the 2nd half. But both of those games were against teams that were supposed to beat Butler. Butler is the favorite in this game. This is a logical double-result for sports gamblers to consider wagering.

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Winning Margin

Butler by 3 to 6 points: +400

To me, this appears to be the most likely outcome in this game. Butler beat Syracuse by 4 points and then beat Kansas State by 7 points. Michigan State will put up a tough fight in this game but Butler is too good at the free throw line and makes adjustments too well on the fly to lose to the Spartans. Butler should by favored by 3 ½ point in this game, not by 1 ½, so getting this bet at 4 to 1 makes for a very interesting proposition.

Butler by 7 to 9 points: +600

Butler by 10 to 13 points: +700

If Butler actually comes out as well as they have in the 1st half in this Final Four Semi-final as they did against Syracuse and Kansas State, then the Bulldogs no doubt should be able to win this game by 7 to 9 points or even 10 to 13 points.

Syracuse and Kansas State both had the players, Wesley Johnson for Syracuse and both Josh Pullen and Denis Clemente for Kansas State, who could bring their teams back after giving up points in the 1st half. Michigan State doesn’t have a single player that could do that for them.

It was Kalin Lucas, but he won’t be playing in this game. Therefore, this is a fantastic wager if you truly believe, like I do, that Butler will handle Michigan State with ease.

The 2010 NCAA Tournament Final Four is almost here. Don’t forget to bet the props in the NCAA sportsbook.

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