MLB Power Poll - National League's Best $$$ Teams

MLB BETTING – NL $$$ Power Poll through 6/7

In spite of the fact that the Dodgers are head and shoulders above the rest of the National League, there are still plenty of teams that are making baseball bettors happy. As the month of June continues, check out BetUS Sportsbook’s MLB Betting power poll of teams that are making sports betting aficionados money this season…

1) Los Angeles Dodgers (39-20, +$1,739) (4-3, +$27 LW) (LW: 1) Another week down, and the Dodgers are still atop the poll as the best team in baseball. They split a great series with the Phils over the weekend, but have to be disappointed with the 4-3 home stand. That nine game stretch wraps up with two against the Pads before starting a dangerous road trip.

On Deck: vs. Padres, @ Rangers

2) Milwaukee Brewers (33-24, +$1,004) (3-4, -$31 LW) (LW: 2) It feels like yet another week where the Brewers just didn’t make up any ground on the Dodgers in the NL. They only won three out of seven on this road trip, but did beat Javier Vazquez and Jair Jurrjens along the way, which is always an impressive feat.

On Deck: vs. Rockies, vs. White Sox

3) Philadelphia Phillies (33-22, +$753) (5-2, +$340 LW) (LW: 5) The champs opened up some ground in the NL East standings by taking five out of seven to start this ten-game road trip. They’re the best road team in baseball at a stupefying 21-8, but this week’s schedule is absolutely atrocious.

On Deck: @ Mets, vs. Red Sox

4) Cincinnati Reds (29-27, +$479) (3-4, -$66 LW) (LW: 3) The Reds are an NL-best 35-21 against the runline this year, and got really unlucky in Sunday’s 6-3 loss in 14 frames to the Cubbies. Even though the next six are all on the road, considering the level of competition, it’s time for Cincinnati to make a move.

On Deck: @ Nationals, @ Royals

5) San Francisco Giants (29-26, +$281) (4-2, +$233 LW) (LW: 8) The Big Unit notched his 300th career win a day after it was scheduled thanks to Mother Nature, but it started a string of four out of five wins for the Giants after dropping the first game of a ten-game roadie. That trip wraps up in Arizona this week before the hated A’s come to town in interleague play.

On Deck: @ Diamondbacks, vs. Athletics

6) New York Mets (28-21, +$101) (2-4, -$299 LW) (LW: 7) Shame on the Mets for getting swept in Pittsburgh. This week starts just a horrendous month of baseball for the boys in blue and orange, as the Mets take on the Phillies (6), Yankees (6), Rays (3), Cardinals (4), Brewers (3), Dodgers (3), Braves (3) and Reds (3) over the course of the next seven weeks.

On Deck: vs. Phillies, @ Yankees

7) Pittsburgh Pirates (26-30, +$38) (4-2, +$292 LW) (LW: 9) On one hand, the Bucs did go 4-2 last week, which was great for their bettors. Unfortunately, the only flag flying over Pittsburgh wasn’t the Jolly Roger, it was the white flag of surrender, as the team sent off its only All-Star caliber player when it traded CF Nate McClouth to the Braves for what amounted to be a song and a dance worth of prospects. You’ll never guess who’s up this week…

On Deck: @ Braves, vs. Tigers

8) St. Louis Cardinals (31-26, $12) (2-5, -$464 LW) (LW: 4) What happened to “home field advantage?” The Cards went an embarrassing 2-5 at home this week, and will have to win today to avoid a four-game sweep at the hands of the lowly Rockies. This was meant to be a part of the schedule where they made up ground, not dropped two games behind Milwaukee.

On Deck: @ Marlins, @ Indians

And the rest…

9) San Diego Padres (26-30, -$59) (1-5, -$438 LW) (LW: 6)
10) Chicago Cubs (28-26, -$418) (3-2, +$96 LW) (LW: 12)
11) Florida Marlins (27-31, -$467) (4-3, +$38 LW) (LW: 11)
12) Houston Astros (25-30, -$481) (5-2, +$208 LW) (LW: 13)
13) Atlanta Braves (27-28, -$500) (2-3, -$215 LW) (LW: 10)
14) Colorado Rockies (24-32, -$732) (4-3, +$220 LW) (LW: 15)
15) Arizona Diamondbacks (25-32, -$869) (3-3, +$31 LW) (LW: 14)
16) Washington Nationals (15-40, -$2,340) (2-5, -$194 LW) (LW: 16)