MLB Trends – All “Over” the NL Playoff Teams

The MLB betting playoffs are finally ready to begin on Wednesday!

But before the four teams left standing in the National League get ready to do battle, we here at BetUS Sportsbook are keeping tabs on how they all fared against 'totals' this season.

See which MLB trends you should be watching for 'totals' in the playoffs!

Cincinnati Reds (76-72-14) - The Reds had an unusually high amount of pushes this year on 'totals', but when push came to shove, an offense that put together 4.88 runs per game was good enough to end up on the right side for 'over' bettors on the year.

Joey Votto is really the one to thank, as he was a Triple Crown candidate for the entire season. He stood toe to toe with Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, and his 37 homers and .324 batting average really carried this team. This is the only team with MLB trends pointing towards 'overs' in the playoffs.

Atlanta Braves (74-79-9) - Thanks to a bullpen that was fantastic and a pitching staff that ended the year with a 3.57 ERA, the Braves were under machines at times over the course of the season. Unfortunately, the other problem came with injuries in the lineup, as Chipper Jones led a M*A*S*H* unit that ended up missing a slew of games on the year.

In fact, no one played in more than 147 games for Atlanta this year, and the number of injuries could point towards some negative MLB trends in the postseason as well.

San Francisco Giants (74-81-7) - Six 'unders' in their L/7 games really helped the Giants out tremendously for their MLB trends towards low scorers on the season as a whole. It also helped that the pitching staff went through a tremendous string of starts with no more than three earned runs allowed.

Everyone is chipping in right now in the rotation, and with a 3.36 team ERA, no one is going to want to see San Francisco turn up on its schedule in the playoffs.

Philadelphia Phillies (74-85-3) - One would think that a team with a bullpen in shambles and a lineup with tons of power up and down the order wouldn't struggle to reach 'overs', right? However, the MLB trends were sneaky for the Phils all year.

Ryan Howard and Chase Utley both missed a ton of time, and the acquisition of Roy Oswalt really seemed to make this staff contagious. All of a sudden, teams were deathly afraid of facing the combination of the H2O staff of Oswalt, Roy Halladay, and Cole Hamels. No matter how hard the bullpen tried at times, games still stayed 'under' the 'total' all season long for Philly.

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