World Series Baseball Props Betting – Possibilities for World Series MVP

There's a lot of fun to be had in World Series baseball props betting, and even though it isn't the star-studded Yankees and Phillies in the Fall Classic, there are plenty of legitimate possibilities to become "Mr. Early November," as it were.

You've got Cy Young winners, MVP candidates and future Hall of Famers on the list, and we'll try to recommend who we think the top six candidates to win the MVP in this series are.

In World Series baseball props betting, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers is the favorite at +400, with teammate Cliff Lee at +500. There are a number of San Francisco Giants players at +800, including two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.

World Series Baseball Props Betting
To Win MVP

Andres Torres +2000
Aubrey Huff +1500
Bengie Molina +2500
Brian Wilson +1000
Buster Posey +800
CJ Wilson +2500
Cliff Lee +500
Cody Ross +1000
David Murphy +2500
Edgar Renteria +2000
Elvis Andrus +1500
Freddy Sanchez +1800
Ian Kinsler +1200
Josh Hamilton +400
Juan Uribe +800
Matt Cain +800
Michael Young +1200
Mitch Moreland +2500
Neftali Feliz +3000
Nelson Cruz +1000
Pat Burrell +800
Tim Lincecum +800
Vladimir Guerrero +1200


ELVIS ANDRUS (+1500 in World Series baseball props) -- Josh Hamilton may be the guy who can blow everything up against the opposition, but Andrus is the proverbial "straw that stirs the drink" in this offense, he is hitting .333, but he doesn't draw an awful lot of walks.

If he can get on base, however, he has the power to ignite things. His seven steals are the most of anyone in the playoffs, and i would fully expect that with Buster Posey not being the best at throwing out runners (the Phillies had seven steals against him), Ron Washington, who learned a lot about aggressive base running way back from his days at the Royals' baseball academy, will try to get him into scoring position and look for a few .300 hitters (Michael Young, Hamilton, Vladimir Guerrero) to get him across.

JOSH HAMILTON (+400 in World Series baseball props ) -- The question here might be whether the Giants give him enough opportunities to do it.

I imagine one of their priorities is going to be keeping Elvis Andrus and Michael Young off the base paths so that they can afford to pitch around Hamilton, but even though he got five intentional walks in the playoffs.

Hamilton has still been a destructive force. Also, when you have an on-base average over .500, as he did in the ALCS, that gives him a lot of chances to score runs.

TIM LINCECUM (+800 in World Series baseball props) -- The reason I list Lincecum here ahead of Cliff Lee is that if he can break through and beat Lee in game 1 and game 5 - which I presuming is the next time they'll face each other - and both times as an underdog to boot, he most definitely shifts the advantage in a huge way toward the Giants, and that will have been the most valuable thing anybody will have done for this team.

It's not like Lincecum hasn't looked like a dominant pitcher at times, with his 30 K's in 23-1/3 innings and 0.82 WHIP ratio.

CLIFF LEE (+500 in World Series baseball props) -- To me, a lot depends on whether Lee is willing to go deep into baseball legend and start three games in the Series, the way many great pitchers of the past have, or of course, whether Ron Washington even wants to approach him with it.

I'm not saying that is a necessity, but I'm saying that will greatly enhance his chances of winning in this World Series baseball prop. Even if he is able to start only two games, however, he can have a tremendous impact simply because he has the ability to control those games.

When you have allowed just two earned runs in the post-season, while striking out 34 batters and walking just one, you have a tendency to control things.

NEFTALI FELIZ (+3000 in World Series baseball props ) -- Feliz, who had 40 saves during the regular season, allowed hitters to bat only .133 in the playoffs. One of these two closers has to be a possibility, and Feliz carries a much better price than Brian Wilson, who is +1000.

CODY ROSS (+1000 in World Series baseball props ) -- I know this selection seems without imagination, but when you look at some of the other Giants players, there are a lot priced at +800 who didn't have impact Ross had in the NLCS, when he clubbed three homers in the first two games.

This is not a guy who is timid at the plate, plus he is very streaky. It is not unprecedented for someone from the supporting cast to continue success from an LCS to the World Series. Besides, it's already been decided in a simulation through the video game MLB 2K10 that he is going to be the hero. LOL!

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