MLB World Series Betting  

So the MLB Playoffs for sports betting fans sure looked like it was going to be a huge to do about something!

The Gods of baseball were not overly kind to MLB betting fans by matching up the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays. Sure, the World Series went five out of a possible seven games, but game five, postponed twice due to rain after five innings, turned out to be a bore.

The reason is that the Rays just didn’t have the required experience to bring home a World Series trophy. The Phillies, with brilliant closer Brad Lidge being mister automatic with the lead, were virtual shoe-ins after the first game. The Phillies are going to find it hard to repeat next season, but for the 2008 MLB Season they are undoubtedly the champs!

What teams should BetUS online sportsbook betting fans look to that will make their presence felt next season? It depends on free agency, of course, but a classic World Series battle between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees is not out of the question!

Should the Dodgers resign Manny Ramirez and add a shut down pitcher to their rotation, they become the best team in the National League. The Yankees have already stated that they’re going after C.C. Sabathia, the Milwaukee Brewers terrific pitcher, during the off-season.

Then, of course, both the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox will come back with a lot of firepower in the American League. In the National League, expect a healthy starting rotation for the St. Louis Cardinals to bring them back to prominence. The New York Mets will be discussed as potential favorites and the Arizona Diamondbacks, should they get another power hitter to go with Adam Dunn, could make some noise.

This isn’t the time for MLB betting fans to turn their attention away from baseball! April isn’t as far off as one thinks and the 2009 World Series Champion could be crowned in less than 365 days from now!

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