NBA Finals Futures: In The King We Trust

One of the most anticipated NBA Finals matchups in years is set! Cleveland punished Boston to stamp their ticket to the championship series. Golden State swept their way through the playoffs to stamp their third straight NBA Finals ticket.

It's King James versus the Splash Brothers and KD! The NBA Finals starts on Thursday, June 1. That means there's still time to get your money down on some futures at decent value. There's one NBA Finals' future bet, and two NBA Finals' prop bets that I'm most excited about. Below, I give the low-down on each of those wagers!

2017 NBA Finals Series
Cleveland +230
Golden State -270

Analysis: I understand how difficult it is to bet against Golden State. The Warriors have been one of the best franchises in all of sports for the past three years and have continued that run with a 12-0 run through the players thus far.

The Warriors swept Portland, Utah, and San Antonio. But, from my perspective, an asterisk should be next to the Warriors' undefeated post-season record in 2017. Portland was without center Jusuf Nurkic. Utah just didn't match up well with Golden State. San Antonio? Zaza Pachulia found a way to end Kawhi Leonard's playoff appearances by slyly stepping on his already twisted ankle.

The Spurs were up by 23 points at the time when Kawhi exited the series during Game 1. Who knows what may have happened if Kawhi had been around for the rest of the series?

That's the true reason I like Cleveland. While San Antonio got all the breaks, Cleveland swept Indiana and Toronto who were at full strength. They lost a single game during the playoffs, to the Boston Celtics in what we can chalk up to LeBron having a bad game.

Cleveland's odds are too good to pass up. The defending champions have looked great all throug the playoffs. I don't see LeBron having another bad game. I love this future bet.

Pick: Cleveland +230

NBA Finals MVP
Kevin Durant +160
Steph Curry +185
LeBron James +200

Analysis: This is another easy pick for me. Again, I can't believe the odds. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both must play well for Golden State to win. In most games this season, either Durant or Curry has stepped it up for the victory. The chances of Durant or Curry only playing well and the Warriors winning the NBA Championship is slim.

Therefore, there's a chance Curry gets the MVP because he plays slightly better than KD. Or, KD gets the MVP because he plays slightly better than Steph.

Luckily, I don't believe Golden State wins this series. To me, LeBron James is an easy pick. The King should have no trouble dominating from the get go, just like he did in last season's NBA Finals. I can't pass up the +200 odds on James to win the NBA Finals MVP. The man's chasing MJ. There won't be a single moment where King James lets up.

Pick: LeBron James +200

NBA Finals Correct Series Score
Cavaliers to Win 4-0 +3000
Cavaliers to Win 4-1 +1500
Cavaliers to Win 4-2 +550
Cavaliers to Win 4-3 +850

Analysis: Okay, I'm with the Cavs. The real question is by how many games? It makes sense that 6 games are all it will take for Cleveland to defend its title. The Cavaliers should win one of the first two games in Oakland. Cleveland might then win their two games in Ohio.

Golden State should win Game 5 while Cleveland takes the trophy in Game 6. Makes total sense to me! I know that going chalky isn't what I usually do, but +550 odds aren't chalk odds.

The Cleveland Cavaliers win the series 4 to 2.

Pick: Cavaliers to win 4-2 +550