Toronto Raptors GM Slams Chris Bosh

It may not have had the volatility of Dan Gilbert’s letter to the public concerning LeBron James, but Bryan Colangelo has come out firing against his former star, Chris Bosh.

“Despite limited swelling and any excessive damage on an MRI, he felt like he needed to sit for six more games…I’m not questioning Chris’s injury. I’m telling you he was cleared to play subject to tolerance on his part, and the tolerance just apparently wasn’t there and he chose not to play.” [credit: Toronto Sun].

The timing of Bosh’s reluctance to play is stunning. The Raptors had an outside chance of slipping in to the eighth spot in the playoffs, and finished the season with a 3-5 SU record in April that knocked them out of the post season. Bosh was absent for the final six games of the season and scored 42 points and 13 rebounds in his final game in a Raptors uniform.

Colangelo, who almost lost his job when Bosh made no indication he was going to return to Toronto, also said that he tried in vain to build a team around Bosh but nothing seemed to work.

Sound familiar, Toronto? It should. The same thing happened with Vince Carter.

It’s easy for the jilted fans of Toronto blame Chris Bosh for leaving Toronto and giving his former team virtually nothing in return. Yet I’m still not convinced they’re sad to see him go. Sure, losing any “star” is hard on a city (just ask Cleveland) but those who track the Toronto Raptors in NBA betting know that Bosh was not a game breaker.

The NBA All-Star game in Dallas was a pivotal moment for fans in Toronto, who saw Chris Bosh play with more energy, heart and vitality while he was getting alley-oops from LeBron James than they had seen him play in his entire 7-year career north of the border. I remember getting a text from a friend who loves the Raptors and all it said was, “He never plays like this in a real game. I hate my life.”

If you need more reasons to hate your team, Toronto, keep reading.

Whether Colangelo meant to or not, all he’s done is made Toronto a less inviting place to play. They’re already in another country, although Toronto has been routinely ranked as one of best cities to live in throughout the world. Taxes and currency exchange aside, it’s not like the Raptors have ever been to the Eastern Conference Finals in their 15-year lifespan.

Now you have all those tangible facts tied to a GM who will cuss you out if you choose to leave.

The team is now built around Leandro Barbosa and Andrea Bargnani, and if you thought Toronto wasn’t physical with Bosh in the post, just wait until you see the new team in 2010-11. The team already finished with a 40-42 SU record with Bosh on tap, but went just 39-43 ATS making them an unreliable basketball spread beating team.

What’s going to happen now when their best low-post option is rookie Ed Davis?

What’s going to happen in free agency when Toronto can’t sign anyone to play with Barbosa, Calderon or DeMar DeRozan in the backcourt?

What’s going to happen when they draft future stars in the league who want to play in America, or who see that this team has only won the division once in its entire career?

The team has already lost stars like Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter and Chris Bosh through free-agency. It’s not exactly the NBA betting trend you want to see, but the only thing you can count on in Toronto is that it is not where great players want to play.

Whining about it isn’t going to change anything.

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