NBA Playoffs Betting – Eastern Conference has 1 BIG Mystery

The NBA Playoffs Betting is easy in the Eastern Conference unless you’re betting on Lebron’s mom’s arrest total for the series. I would personally take OVER 1.5 if I were betting NBA Basketball props.

I have some advice for those fresh pimply faced kids trying to make college tuition money for next year. DON’T make NBA Bets against the 1 or 2 seeds in either conference first round no matter what the favorite Haters are spewing.

(3) Boston Celtics vs. (6) New York Knicks – Sunday 7:00 pm ET

The Celtics obviously have some issues going into the NBA Playoffs this year, but is it enough to think they won’t make it into the Eastern Conference Finals? Hellz if I know! Just kidding, of course I know.

I’m going to breeze over Boston’s problems, because I’ll need a whole article (coming tomorrow) to address them all for total NBA Playoffs Betting.

The Celtics actually look as if they have some worries in their first round. They got rid of their big guy that actually has played this year Kendrick Perkins. Maybe they thought Snack Shaq would actually play some games this year.

O’Neal is injured, and if you’re wondering which one, it doesn’t matter. You can’t really count on either O’Neal to heal well enough to make a big impact.

It’s still the Big 4 Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Don’t believe the Knickerbickerbockerbackers hype machine. Boston takes down thug central in 5 games.

(1)Chicago Bulls vs. (8) Indiana Pacers – Saturday 1:00 pm ET

I’ve got a great idea for NBA Playoffs Betting smack talk. Let’s not waste time talking about how great MVP (lock) Derrick Rose is or NBA Coach of the year (derr) Tom Thibodeau’s player discipline. Let’s talk turkey which in this case would be Indiana Turkey.

The Pacers were the second worst shooters regular season against Chicago, and I expect them to be Bullish again. Pace yourselves for a 4-games and OUT series.

(4)Orlando Magic vs. (5) Atlanta Hawks - Saturday 7:00 pm ET

Jason Collins has some success against Dwight Howard this season thwarting the Magic’s offense when Collins is in, but it’s going to be hard for him to have great success and stay out of foul trouble also.

They better send in the lambs for slaughter to help keep the big JC aggressive inside. No matter what they do, I can’t see the Hawks having the tricks or stamina to take Stan Van Gundy’s Magic out in the first round.

(3) Philadelphia 76ers vs. (6) Miami Heat – Saturday 3:30 pm ET

I guess the biggest question for this series is “what’s the over/under on the number of times Lebron’s mama gets arrested during this series?” There are probably other things on the minds of NBA fans, but that’s the biggest mystery in the 2011 NBA Playoffs Betting.

Miami seems to be cranking up the Heat at just the right time with a 4 game winning streak and 8 wins in their last ten games. This series doesn’t really have any questions for me, and it shouldn’t for you either.

With all Miami’s semi-swag all year, it’s hard to know which team you’re getting. Just remember this - they finished top 5 in both offense and defense in NBA statistics this year.

Didn’t it seem like they weren’t playing well? Wait until they do, because it’s coming. Don’t leave the Heat out of your NBA Playoffs Betting picks.