NBA Playoffs Free Betting Picks - Golden State vs New Orleans - Game 5

It's Game 5 of the Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Pelicans series. This game is back at Oracle Arena, the home of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors won both of the first two games at home, and did so in pretty easy fashion.

Golden State Loaded on Offense

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. That's enough. The Golden State Warriors are loaded, and they bring some talented players off the bench as well. Golden State made quick and easy work of their first round opponent, and then they brought back a former MVP in Steph Curry for this series.

The Warriors are the top scoring team in all of the league. Golden State has scored 118 points or more in each of their three wins in this series. The two postseason losses for the Warriors, they scored 95 per game. Golden State is not an easy team to keep at 100 points or less, with their ability to make nearly every shot.

New Orleans Raises Eyes

The New Orleans Pelicans have been a fun story. In fact, the biggest storyline to this point is the Pelicans sweep over Portland. Remember, the Pelicans are a team that lost All-Star DeMarcus Cousins before the All-Star break. The fact that they even made the postseason without their #2 is respectable.

The Pelicans will need a monster game from Rajon Rondo. Rondo is always up to no good on the court, but his 21 assist game in Game 3 was one for the record books. Nikola Mirotic, who was basically given to the Pelicans by Chicago, recorded a double double in the lone win in this series. Of course, the Brow - Anthony Davis has scored 29.5 points and ripped down 12.5 rebounds over the last two games.

Warriors Whip Pelicans

This has all the makings of an absolute blowout. We have all seen it before: when Warriors get rolling there is nothing you can do to stop them. Anthony Davis is an elite star, but after that - the Pelicans have some journeymen and a few good players on their roster. That's not enough to take down the winners of the Western Conference the past three seasons.

When betting this game, remember, on top of everything else, it's at Golden State. The Warriors simply are on another level when playing at home. Sorry, Pelicans (and fans), but this story ends Tuesday night. Take the Golden State Warriors -11 over the New Orleans Pelicans.