NBA Props Betting – Will LeBron Take a Powder?

The question in NBA props for Thursday - will LeBron take a powder? Tonight marks the return of LeBron James to Cleveland, where he experienced some great moments but where he is about to encounter hostility of a kind that he has never seen before. Maybe this impacts an NBA prop or two that we can bet. For example, I don't know if it is such an automatic that he is going to do his little chalk-throwing thing before the game, because he could be taking his well-being into his own hands.

The Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers tip off at 8 PM ET at the Quicken Loans Arena.

NBA Basketball Betting

Miami Heat (11-8 SU, 5-13 ATS) at Cleveland Cavaliers (7-10 SU, 8-8-1 ATS)

Live at Quicken Loans Arena

Cleveland, O.

Thursday, December 2 -- 8 PM ET

NBA Betting Odds: Miami -5.5, Cleveland +5.5, Total 191

NBA Props Betting


YES -3000

I wish I could bet the "No" on this one. They were very smart to make this a one-way bet. If he does it, it would amount to a slap in the face and they should throw beer bottles at him. Oh, but wait - there won't be any beer bottles to be had in the joint, because for this occasion, everything has to be served in a plastic cup, because, well, they know what's going to happen. One member of the Cavs' front office, who wished to be anonymous, was quited by as saying, "There's so much negative energy around this game. People aren't excited about the game itself. They're just like, '‘I can't wait to do something.'" Now THIS in information we can use in our NBA prop!

Can you believe the team and the league have been planning the security for this game since the summer? Dozens of extra police, most of which will be surrounding the Heat bench and the entrance way from the locker room area. They're even banning any and all material (T-shirts, signs) that are "crude and offensive." I think you know what they would say if they were allowed. Gee, you think LeBron's self-serving "Decision" rubbed people the wrong way?

Actually, this kind of evolves into an interesting giveaway night that a sponsor should have jumped right on board with. There will be free speech police all throughout the Quicken Loans Arena, and when one of them sees a T-shirt that has something a little TOO nasty on it, they're going to take it away and give the fan a Cavs T-shirt instead.

LeBron insists that he is going to do this thing (he may be betting this NBA prop himself), but that doesn't mean there hasn't been some heated discussion about it. Charles Barkley of TNT, who has some experience with being cast as a villain, openly challenged LeBron and doesn't think he is going to do it. Shaquille O'Neal says, ""I’m anxious to see [James] do the powder [expletive]. We have bets he won’t do it." You see, we're not the only ones.

This NBA prop is still not a done deal, and I almost hope he does it just to see and hear the reaction. I like this quote from Ben Golliver coming off the site: "The only thing worse than a scripted me-first pre-game show of ego is a scripted me-first pre-game show of ego that becomes a greater distraction. That's where LeBron James' Miami Heat are right now."

But hey, at least they still like the guy in Akron.

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