$1,000,000 March Mayhem Bracket Contest
$1,000,000 March Mayhem Bracket Contest

Do you believe in March Madness Miracles? Ever wonder what a sixty-three team parlay would look like? Do you believe in a higher power? Well, then I have a contest for you! Our $1,000,000 March Mayhem Bracket Contest is live and time's running out!

Now, some of you may be saying "Mr. Banks, I can barely hit a three-team parlay. How on earth am I going to hit a 63 teamer?" And my response is that we always have you covered. While perfection would be amazing, it's not the only way to make some serious bank (no pun intended) this March Madness.

We are awarding a $10 000 prize for the following:

  1. Perfect sixteen-team bracket
  2. Perfect eight-team bracket
  3. And a $5,000 prize for the best full bracket

There's even more than that. There are all sorts of prizes for anyone finishing in the top five of any of these contests. You don't need to be perfect, just accurate!

The number of entries into these contests will be based on each qualifying deposit made between March 1st and noon on March 16th Eastern Standard Time. Each $100 gets you an entry into the $1,000,000. The subsequent sixteen and eight team brackets will be based on deposits made from the time the sweet sixteen and elite eight are determined up until tip-off of the first game.

Make sure to do your homework and come up with your own unique bracket. Don't listen to the experts (remember how well they predicted 2016…). Remember that prizes will be shared if there is more than one winner, so it will pay in the long term the more unique your bracket is. Everyone knows that a #12 seed will upset a fifth seed. It's inevitable. Look it up! But do you have the guts to have a #15 seed upset? Will this be the year a first seed finally goes out in the first round? In the legendary words of Angels in the Outfield: "It could happen!"

Good luck to all!

Refer to the March Mayhem Bracket Contest page for details. http://www.betus.com.pa/marchmayhem