The Perfect Bracket

In a year of upsets and Jimmy Chitwood sized victories, it was safe to assume that there wasn’t a perfect bracket left in America. That was until news broke in Chicago about a boy in Chicago who has defied the 1 in 13 million odds by picking all 48 games correctly. Alex Herrmann, a 17-year-old from Glenbrook, Ill., is 48-0 in an especially mad March Madness tournament year.

What makes this story even more compelling is that Herrmann was born with autism; if you aren’t familiar autism it affects the mind in a wide variety of ways, sometimes it can be very debilitating or in other forms, the people’s brains function at a much different level than the average person. The best example would be Dustin Hoffman’s character in the movie Rain Man.

Alex filled out a bracket at a popular sports news site and after two rounds said to his brother, "My bracket is totally shot,”.

"I checked his bracket and it was off the chart,” Andrew said. "I thought it was a big deal."

"I'm kind of good at math," Herrmann said, "and at stats I see on TV during the game."

According to Herrmann’s brother, the autism makes it difficult for Alex to communicate, as was evident during a TV interview when asked why he picked Northern Iowa to upset Kansas, the 17 year old couldn’t answer after much prodding. If Herrmann is to remain perfect, his Alma-mater Purdue will need to win the title and without Robbie Hummel, they remain long shots.

The downside for Herrmann is that he’s only 17 and doesn’t qualify for the big cash prizes if he picks a perfect bracket.

If you’re like me, your bracket is much worse than young Alex Herrmann’s but you can still cash in on the March Madness brackets with the BetUS Sweet 16 and Elite 8 bracket tournament.

You just need to pick a perfect Sweet 16 or a perfect Elite 8 and you can walk away with a cool $10,000.

You may not gain the fame that has befallen Alex Herrmann but I think $10,000 would be a nice consolation prize.

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