NCAA Props: It’s All About Duke in NCAA Championship Final Prop Betting

The Butler Bulldogs are the Cinderella story of the 2010 NCAA Tournament. They beat the West Regional #1 seeded Syracuse Orange in the Sweet 16, took out the #2 seeded Kansas State Wildcats in the Great Eight, and then, as 1 ½ point favorites, outlasted the Michigan State Spartans 52 to 50 in the Final Four.

Now, Butler takes on the Duke Blue Devils. How will they do? Not so good is my guess which is why when it comes to NCAAB Prop Betting, wagering on Duke appears to be the way to go.

NCAA Props: Butler vs. Duke


Best Bet: Duke/Duke -180

Duke should win both halves in this game. Butler’s front-line isn’t big enough, or skilled enough, to handle Brian Zoubek, Duke’s 7’1” center or Mason Plumlee, Duke’s second-string center. Not only that but Kyle Singler, who is 6’ 10”, can take his man out to the three point line or drain three pointers if left alone behind the arc. Singler can also drive the lane. Duke should have no problem building a big lead on Butler in the first half. Then, they should increase it in the second half by default.

Duke/Butler +750

This isn’t a bad wager really because what could happen is that Duke could build a 20+ lead over Butler in the 1st half and then coast in the 2nd half. So, Butler could potentially win the 2nd half as Duke simply tries to maintain a +12 to +20 margin of victory. The odds on this bet are pretty good.

Butler/Duke +450

There’s an outside chance that Butler could be hot in the 1st half and that Duke could be cold. If that happens, if Duke ends up shooting 25% or less from behind the arc, then Butler could win the 1st half. They won’t win the 2nd half, though, no chance of that happening unless the Dookies suffer an injury. So, this is a good bet if sports gamblers believe that it’s going to take time for the Blue Devils to get things going.

Winning Margin

** I don’t believe Butler has a chance in this game. Because of that, my money will be on Duke when it comes to the winning margin prop wagers.

Duke by 7 – 9 points +550

The spread on the line is Duke -7. If sports gamblers believe that it’s going to be close to the wagering spread than this is an excellent bet to make at terrific odds. This wager also gives you 2 points to work with above the wagering spread. Again, it all depends on how you feel the game will go. The odds cannot be argued with as 5.5 to 1 is just too stellar to turn down.

Duke by 14 – 16 points +750

I truly believe that the Blue Devils could blowout the Bulldogs. If that’s the case, then betting this wager makes a lot of sense. The odds are terrific and the Blue Devils could easily beat the Bulldogs by 14 or 16 points. Duke is just too talented from behind the arc and too good up front. The only issue is that sports gamblers only have 3 points to work with, 14, 15 and 16.

Duke by 21 or more points +500

The more I think about it, the more I really like this wager. Duke dominated West Virginia, who is supposedly better than Butler, the Bulldogs are basically a one man team with Gordon Heyward putting up most of their points and Duke has a dominant inside game. I see Duke possibly beating Butler by 22 or more points. This is a good wager to make if you really believe, like I do, in the Duke Blue Devils.

The final game of the 2009-2010 NCAA Basketball Season, the NCAA Championship Final, is Monday night. Besides betting on the wagering spread, don’t forget to log onto the sportsbook and get down some prop bets.

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