College Basketball Betting Rankings 2011  

As I look at these NCAA Basketball Rankings, I get more distracted by where these teams are playing for the March Madness Bracket tournament. The great thing for Bet US players is all the talk about Ohio State keeping the NCAA Odds on the Kansas Jayhawks at +400 to WIN IT ALL!

They should change the region names to East, Southeast, Northeast and Eastbound and Down, Loaded up and Truckin’, We’re gonna do what they say can’t be done…..
I know we have a long way to go but my time really is short to get there. These NCAA Basketball Rankings are also limited.

I’m guessing Colorado is too far West to qualify for this tournament, and I’m guessing the Virginia Tech situation is very similar to mine when I play in a certain golf scramble tournament.

I just played in a 4-man scramble golf tournament this weekend that I try to play in every year. This little dream tourney paired 2 foursomes together for 7.5 hours in 96 degree heat. I didn’t have too much problem with it as I was pounding cocktails, “alleged” models and nails in my own coffin (kidding on the coffin – I am WAY too LUCKY!!).

Anyway, the charlatan “alleged” professional (not by my observations) always draws every single raffle ticket for the entire pleasurable awards ceremony. I’ve been in this tournament (won it multiple times) at least 5 years and probably closer to 8. Did I mention we won it 3 times?

I HAVE NEVER WON A RAFFLE PRIZE!! Every local scrub (including dishwashers-no offense) wins and many of this “Pro’s” rent-a-friend’s seem to clean house with Golf Clubs, Golf Trips, Golf Stays and whatever else was donated for the benefit of charity.

The only Charity I know going on is my poker face from whipping this lil stepchild bitch-ass ladron (Spanish-look it up) in front of his phony friends while he pretends to read another non-existent winner from his low-life attempt at rogue success.

The Hokies are suffering from the same fate in the NCAA Basketball Rankings again this year.

Anyway, this is the 4th year Virginia Tech was “on the bubble” only to have it burst by back-door politics that I know all so well.

I can’t demote Ohio State even if I think that Kansas happens to be the price of the party. It’s hard to stay away from Number 2 when they are ripe for Number One.

 You have to win 6 games to win the tournament. The team I would play as a basketball betting man is the Kansas Jayhawks.

NCAA Basketball Rankings (last week ranking in parentheses):

1)   (1)  Ohio State (32-2) – 3 wins BAM BAM Sully is DA MAN behind Kansas girl

2)   (2)  Kansas (32-2) – always thought I’d marry HOT Jayhawk girl-WINNERS!

3)   (3)  Pittsburgh (27-5) – Panthers will beat the Sewickley out of teams!

4)   (4)  Notre Dame (26-6) – WTF? Irish are a great march madness bet

5)   (6)  San Diego State (30-2) – Aztecs gonna prove the haters wrong

6)   (9)  Duke (30-4) – FIXED! BS! Favoritism over the Irish for Numero Uno

7)   (10)  Syracuse (26-7) – Orange

8)   (12)  Kentucky (25-8)– SEC Champ and 3 Wins in a row – still no respect

9)   (5)  North Carolina (26-7) – Tar Heels glory is OVER – good night now

10) (7)  Wisconsin (23-8) – 33-36 Game? I refuse to recognize this team

11) (8)  Purdue (25-7) – Offense is offensive to scoring

12) (11)  Texas (27-7) – 1 Loss EVERY week means no second weekend

13) (15)  Florida (26-7) – Don’t be fooled-lay down to KY for Madness

14) (14)  BYU (29-4) – Ain’t happ’n’n’n’n – Davies took the gravies

15) (13)  St. John’s (21-11) – Red Storm is the team to bet AGAINST

16) (18)  Connecticut (26-9) – WOW 5 Spankers in a row – NEW RECORD!

17) (16)  Louisville (25-9) – NCAA Basketball Rankings will close in Top 10 for Cards

18) (17)) Villanova (21-11) – Villalosa has no chance for Sweet 16

19) (19)  Xavier (24-7) – 0-2 against Top 25 Teams to continue X…it

20) (22)  Vanderbilt (23-10) – Commodores should have stuck to singing

21) (21)  Georgetown (21-10)– Chris is so Wright for their run now

22) (20)  Texas A&M (23-8) – slippin’ in PB&J – getting’ sticky for Aggies

23) (NR) Old Dominion (27-6) - 9 Game Win Streak has OD menacing opponents

24) (24)  Missouri (22-10) – 1-5 against Top 25 Teams tells me early bracket loser

25) (NR) West Virginia (20-11) – 3rd Toughest schedule and making Big East West

March Madness is officially on a non-stop rampage. This is no time to slow down people. Take a look at these NCAA Basketball Rankings and start firing before your gun is out of ammo.