Top 10 Reasons Why College Football is Better Than The NFL

The NFL is still being the BIG DOLLAR league that pigskin fans have grown to hate.  Last fall, in that bygone year of 2010, the NFL's popularity was second to none when it came to any sport, not just the one played on the gridiron, but any sport in the United States.

Now?  Now, football fans have grown tired of the NFL's seemingly inability to fix the hole in its 9 billion dollar cruise ship.  College football, on the other hand, is gearing up for what promises to be another intense season.

If the news headlines regarding the "No Fans League" weren't enough to steer you towards the college game, maybe these 10 reasons will be.

10 Reasons Why College Football is Better Than the NFL

  1. Cheerleaders - - Sure, most fellas would put this group of folks much higher than number 10 on the list, but I'm approaching forty, happily married, and spend quite a bit of time watching Elmo and Diego and Dora with my soon to be two year old son.  From a purely aesthetic point of view, cheerleaders are cool.  They dance and holler and they're always happy.  Plus, it's nice to see somebody dancing on my TV screen besides a red puppet that has a fish for a best friend.
  2. Ohio State and USC Scandals - - Yeah, I know, it's a negative for OSU and USC, but for me it's gold!  I mean, where else can you get into ridiculous debates about whether or not the exploitation of individuals based on some cockamamie scheme of providing a college education is okay?  No where else except in college football!  Without Terrelle Pryor these past few months sure would have been boring.  Dirk's cool, but he's not a good conversation starter:  hard worker, paid his dues, just shoots hoops, no real issues of note…boring!
  3. SEC - - The conference rocks, okay?  You can be a hater, but Alabama did beat Texas and Auburn did beat Oregon in the BCS Championship.  It's tough to talk smack about a conference that continually, to my dismay, puts a beat down on teams from other conferences in the BCS Championship each and every season.
  4. The Big Ten - - Besides the fact that those who run the Big Ten can't count, there are 12 teams in the conference now, there's very little I can say that's bad about the Big Ten.  Joe Pa coaches in the conference, the conference has its own network, Nebraska moves there this season, Michigan will be better, and now that the Two T's of Turpitude (Terrelle Pryor and Jim Tressel) are gone from Ohio State, there's no reason not to watch the teams in this conference.
  5. A day to get over the hangover - - Monday is a work day in the United States.  That sucks because if you're an NFL fan and you can't hold your liquor, you've probably gone through life bouncing around between jobs.  Do not discount the day of reckoning brought upon you by the hangover gods!  If the NFL doesn't return, make Saturday and the college game your Day of Sloshness and then Sunday your Hangover Day.  You might not go through three jobs during the fall.
  6. No DeMaurice Smith - - The NFLPA leader deserves some shame for the way that he's been handling this whole CBA issue.  Simply put, I don't believe that he's ever been on the side of the kickers.  The kickers are the guys who make the league minimum, okay, sometimes slightly more, in the No Fans League.  The kicker doesn't have the ability to negotiate a bigger contract than a CBA would allow.  Why do you think that Smith was so intent on getting the union dissolved?  I'll give you three reasons:  Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.  Those guys can negotiate their own deals.  Mr. Kicker?  Yeah, he'll get screwed again no matter what awesome deal Smith comes up with for the players.
  7. Brent Musburger - - You can hate Brent all you want but the man at least makes it interesting.  Sure, he makes it interesting by using the same old catch phrases that he's been using for years, but at least he's not only in the booth to set it up for a color commentator.  There's also a drinking game that has been devised around Brent Musburger.  Check it out here  That alone gets him on the list and into the Top 5.
  8. Tailgating - - You can live anywhere in the United States, well, almost anywhere, and get to a college football game.  No, really.  And…when you get to that college football game, if you wear the right colors there will be somebody, somewhere in the parking lot, or in the case of Pasadena on the grass outside of the Rose Bowl, willing to give you a bratwurst or some other grilled delicacy for free.  I remember getting drunk by downing airplane bottles of booze in the parking lot outside of FedEx Field in D.C. one morning before a Redskins game.  Yeah…not the same.
  9. Roger Goodell doesn't exist in college football - - I'm not a big fan of the Hammer.  Seriously.  Goodell is more like Joe Louis Clark, the teacher from the film Lean On Me as played by Morgan Freeman than he is a commissioner of a league with profitable business entities.  I don't understand why 32 grown up individuals, the owners of each NFL team, can't come up with real discipline rules and ways of solving issues.  What the hell Roger?  And, then, he's washing his hands of the whole CBA problem and leaving it up to the players and owners to get through.  Whatever, dude.
  10. College Football Fans - - CO-EDs! Enough Said