Check out Best Double-Result Wagers in Online Sportsbook for BCS Championship

One of the best football BCS Championship game betting prop bets being offered in the online sportsbook is on the "Double Result".

A "Double Result" prop bet asks sports handicappers to pick the winner of the first half and second half in the game.  For instance, if sports handicappers believe that Auburn will take the lead in the first half and then Oregon will come back and win the second half, then they can bet on an Auburn-Oregon Double Result at nice + odds in the sportsbook.


Let's take a look at the best and worst Double Result wagers for the BCS National Championship on January 10th.

BCS National Championship:  Oregon Ducks (12-0) vs. Auburn Tigers (13-0)

Where:  University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

When:  Jan. 10th, 2011 at 8:30 pm EST


Double Result

Best Double Result Wagers:  Oregon - Oregon +200
                                                  Auburn - Oregon +400
                                                  Tie - Oregon +1500  

Analysis:  Obviously, if you believe that Auburn is going to win the game straight up, then you'll want to make Auburn-Auburn at -135 or Oregon-Auburn at +400 your Double Result wager in the online sportsbook.  I don't believe that.  I believe that Oregon will no doubt be the winner of the BCS National Championship on Monday night.  I also believe that the likeliest scenario is that they beat Auburn in the first half and then pull away in the second half.  The best Double Result wager from my perspective is on Oregon - Oregon at a nice +200.  I also believe, though, that Auburn could win the first half.  In that case, I have no doubt that the best halftime defensive adjustment team in football, the Oregon Ducks, will come out and win the second half.  So, an Auburn - Oregon Double Result at +400 is a good prop wager in the sports book as well.

The final Double Result wager worth betting on in the sportsbook is on a Tie - Oregon result at +1500.  The odds are just too juicy for me to pass up and Auburn should play well in the first half in this game.  I have to put some dollars, not a lot, but some on a Tie - Oregon Double Result.  

Worst Double Result Wagers:  Auburn - Auburn -135

Analysis:  I just don't believe that Auburn is a better team than Oregon.  Therefore, all of my Double Result wagers in the football BCS Championship Game betting sports book all involve Oregon.  Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton accounts for almost every single Auburn point scored on offense.  Heck, since he's the QB, his hands have most likely touched the ball on every single offensive TD for Auburn this season at one point during the play.  The man is awesome but Oregon's D shut down Stanford in the second half of their 52 to 31 victory.  I believe that Oregon wins the game outright.  How can I possibly pick an Auburn-Auburn Double Result?  I can't.

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