New York Team Betting Preview For Super Sunday
New York Super Sunday team Betting Snapshot

New York took the long way to this year's Super Bowl.  They didn't win their division until the final game of the regular season and then had to win three playoff games, including two on the road, just to get to where they are right now, playing for the Championship.

When it comes to betting, New York provided an interesting regular and playoff season for BetUS Pro Football gamblers. Keep reading for a New York's betting snapshot!

Against The Spread

The New York Giants go into the Super Bowl with a regular season Against The Spread record of 8-7-1. Their home record Against The Spread was 3-4-1, while away it was 3-4-1.  As is to be expected with a team that enters the Super Bowl with a 12-7 Straight Up record, the Giants got "hot" towards the end of the regular season and in the playoffs.  The G-Men have gone a fantastic 7 and 1 ATS in their last 8 games.  Those last 8 games include their 5 final regular season games as well as their 3 victories in the NFC Playoffs.

Home Record ATS:  3-4-1

Although analyzing a team's home record Against The Spread for a game played on neutral territory might not make a lot of sense at first, it's important to note how a team responds to their fan base. After all, there will undoubtedly be a ton of New York Giants' fans in the Lucas Oil Stadium stands this Sunday.

The Giants actually have a reason for each one of the home ATS losses this season with the exception of the implosion they suffered against the Seattle Seahawks on Oct. 9.  This is the anomaly game in the ATS record. NYG allowed the 'Hawks, who at the time had one of the worst offenses in the NFL, to score 20 points in the 4th quarter.  Freaky plays abounded in the game, but the G-Men went into the 4th quarter down 16 to 14.  Therefore, it was a legitimate loss ATS for NYG. 

With the exception of that non-cover versus Seattle, as a 10 point favorite in a 25 to 36 Straight Up loss, the Giants' other home non-covers (and lone "Push") make sense.

A 14 to 28 loss to rival Washington as a -2.5 point favorite in Week 1 - - The Giants were 1-2-1 Against The Spread in Week 1 in their past four seasons going into this regular season.

A 27 to 24 push to the Buffalo Bills as a -3 point favorite - -  When the Giants played the Buffalo Bills, the Bills were 4 and 1 Straight Up and 3 and 2 Against The Spread.

A 20 to 17 victory over Miami as a -9.5 point favorite - - The game against the Fins turned out to be Miami's "back in the saddle game", as the Dolphins ATS victory began a 9 and 1 ATS regular season finish for the Fins.

A 10 to 17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles as a -6 point favorite - - Rival losses are difficult to gauge and the Giants didn't properly prepare for the change of pace that QB Vince Young brought to Philly in this game.

A 10 to 23 loss to the Washington Redskins as a -5.5 point favorite - - This game occurred after the G-Men's important victory over the Dallas Cowboys and two weeks after the Giants almost beat Green Bay in a 35 to 38 loss on Dec. 4. A classic "let down" game.

Away Record ATS:  5-3

The Giants got hot on the road Against The Spread at the beginning of the season and then in the playoffs.  In Week 1, the G-Men lost Straight Up to Washington 14 to 28 as a -2.5 point favorite.  In Week 3 NYG beat Philly 29 to 16 as a 9 point favorite, followed by beating Arizona 31 to 27 as a -1 point favorite.  The away Against The Spread record stood at 2 and 1.  Another victory as a 9-point favorite, 24 to 20 versus Super Bowl opponent New England on the road, pushed the fantastic ATS road record to 3 and 1.

The Giants broke a two road loss streak Against The Spread to the San Francisco 49ers, in a 20 to 27 loss as a 4-point dog and to the New Orleans Saints 24 to 49 as a 7-point road dog, before beating Dallas 37 to 34 Straight Up as a 4.5 point road dog and beating the New York Jets 29 to 14 as a 3 point dog.  The G-Men covered in their two away games in the playoffs, a 37 to 20 Straight Up victory as an 8 point dog and a 20 to 17 victory over San Francisco as a 2 point dog.

The Giants simply play better on the road than they do at home.  The victory over New England was particularly impressive and the G-Men were blown out on the road only once this season, on Nov. 28 against the Saints in the Superdome, a fate that many other good teams have shared over the years.

Key Stat ATS - - It's all about the running game when it comes to the New York Giants.  When the G-Men get their running game going, they are more likely to cover the spread.  NYG went an awesome 8 and 0 Against The Spread during the regular season when they rushed for 100 yards or more.  Those weeks are highlighted below.   

Week 1:  75 yards on the ground, Loss ATS
Week 2:  119 yards, Win ATS
Week 3:  102 yards, Win ATS
Week 4:  54 yards, Win ATS (an anomaly game versus Arizona)
Week 5:  69 yards, Loss ATS
Week 6:  122 yards, Win ATS
Week 7:  Bye
Week 8:  58 yards, Loss ATS
Week 9:  111 yards, Win ATS
Week 10:  93 yards, Loss ATS
Week 11:  29 yards, Loss ATS
Week 12:  73 yards, Loss ATS
Week 13:  100 yards, Win ATS
Week 14:  110 yards, Win ATS
Week 15:  91 yards, Loss ATS
Week 16:  115 yards, Win ATS
Week 17:  106 yards, Win ATS

Total Record:  8-7-1

Odds makers have become much better at offering correct Total lines. Because of that, the Over/Under was almost even for the Giants during the regular season. 

What's interesting to note is how the 8-7-1 total record came about. It actually points to how well the Giants' defense gelled towards the end of the regular season and into the playoffs.  By their Week 7 bye, the Total had gone 4 Over, 2 Under, and a Push.  The under went 3 and 1 in Weeks 8, 9, 10 and 11.  The over went 4 and 1 after that.  The under went 5 and 1 in the Giants final 3 games of the regular season and 3 games in the playoffs.

Key Total Stat:  Isn't it obvious? When the Giants' defense plays well, the game usually goes Under. This should help gamblers when it comes to them deciding on whether or not to play the Under or Over in this Sunday's Super Bowl.

The G-Men went 5 and 1 Straight Up in their final 6 games, 3 regular season and 3 playoff games.  The Under went 5 and 1.  That's an important stat.  The only Over game in that streak was the 37 to 20 victory in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers.

Overall Betting Snapshot Analysis:  The Giants can play well on the road, meaning that they should have no trouble dealing with whatever fan base shows up this Sunday in Indianapolis.  Although I didn't mention it, the G-Men are capable of playing on any surface.  So, the fact that Lucas Oil Stadium doesn't have a grass field won't hurt the Giants on either offense or defense.

The key stats regarding the New York Giants provide a great way for bettors to gauge how they want to wager this Sunday's Super Bowl.  The Giants didn't give up more 20 points in their last 5 games, 3 were playoff games, and in those games the Under went 4 and 1. The Giants went 5 and 0 Against The Spread in those games. 

In a more telling stat, they rushed for over 100 yards in three of those 5 games.  NYG ran for 95 yards against the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round and 85 yards against San Francisco's rush defense in the NFC Championship Game.  During the regular season, the Giants went 8 and 0 Against The Spread when they rushed for 100 yards or more.

While a game like the 2012 Super Sunday Pro Football Championship can go either way, smart bettors know that sometimes the trends speak for themselves. Hopefully the ones we've given you above might help you get some serious bank!