Odds to Win the Super Bowl

It’s the second best time of year, next to the first weekend of March Madness, the start of the NFL Playoffs gives fans a chance to dream about their team winning the Super Bowl. More importantly, though it gives NFL sports betting fans the chance to build on their regular season success or wash away the sins of any bad bets you placed in the first 17 weeks. Let’s have a look at each team’s chances to win Super Bowl XLIV.

Indianapolis Colts – 10/3

The Colts are the favorites, for obvious reasons. If it weren’t for Bill Polian ordering the Indianapolis starters to the bench for the final two meaningless games, they would have finished the season 16-0. They’ll wait for the winner of the Bengals-Jets game.

New Orleans Saints – 4/1

The Saints have lost three in a row after starting 13-0. They have the offensive weapons and an opportunistic defense that could propel them to a Super Bowl XLIV win. However, when they play their first playoff game it will have been more than a month since their last win, making them the riskiest of the four bye teams to put your money behind. They face the winner of the Cowboys-Eagles game.

San Diego Chargers – 9/2

The Chargers are going into the playoffs on a 10 game winning streak, LT appears healthy and Phillip Rivers has been MVP worthy. Now they have to overcome the ghosts of playoffs past. They will play host to the winner of the Patriots-Ravens game.

Minnesota Vikings – 15/2

Brett Favre answered any questions about a late season collapse throwing four touchdowns in a win over the Giants. Locking up the second NFC Bye guarantees the Vikings won’t have to play outdoors until Super Bowl XLIV if they make it that far. They play the winner of the Cardinals-Packers game.

Dallas Cowboys – 11/1

Speaking of the Ghosts of playoffs past, Tony Romo and the Cowboys have turned it up in December and have a chance to exorcise the memories of the Butterfingers snap and Terrell Owens crying from their recent playoff memories. The way they handled the Eagles in week 17, things are looking up in Big D.

New England Patriots – 11/1

Did you hear that pop? That was Wes Welker’s knee and the silence that came following the pop is from Indianapolis fans who were complaining that the Colts rested their starters in weeks 16 and 17. The Pats still have enough to get by the Ravens but San Diego will be a much tougher challenge.

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Philadelphia Eagles – 16/1

The Eagles odds to win Super Bowl XLIV dropped significantly after losing week 17 to their Wild Card weekend opponents the Cowboys. However, they have a chance at redemption but Donovan McNabb needs to play better; it seems Eagles fans say that every year.

Green Bay Packers – 20/1

At 20/1, they are my long shot with a shot. The offensive line has stepped it up and that has the running game putting up nice numbers. Aaron Rodgers has been solid all season long. A win over the Cardinals will set up a third meeting between the Packers and Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings.

Arizona Cardinals – 20/1

They let themselves be whooped by their Wildcard opponents, the Packers. Even if the game didn’t mean anything in regards to the final standings, it was about pride and it showed the Cardinals might be lacking.

Baltimore Ravens – 25/1

The Ravens catch a break with Wes Welker unavailable for the playoffs but they will be hard pressed to beat the Patriots on their home turf. However, they have shown that when the offense and defense both perform at their best, they are a tough beat for anyone.

Cincinnati Bengals – 33/1

At 33/1, the Bengals get the least respect from the BetUS Sportsbook seeing as how the won their division and outplayed some very good teams this year. I suppose it’s understandable, after the Jets dominated the Bengals, even with Carson Palmer playing the entire first half. If they get by the Jets, they will have no real chance against the Colts.

New York Jets – 35/1

The Jets have the longest odds to win Super Bowl XLIV, if they can do a repeat performance and upset the Bengals on Wildcard Weekend, they will be rewarded with a trip to play top seeded Indianapolis and that doesn’t seem like much of a reward for anyone.

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