What To Do With Colin Kaep?

It's obvious to everybody that Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed by NFL owners for taking a political stand and using his celebrity to try and impact the world for good. Whether you agree with him or not, the one thing that isn't debatable is his talent. Kaepernick combined with a good situation and a good coach leads to strong playoff runs. That in itself should be enough to get this man a job.

The world we live in, however, is complicated. The NFL is filled with owners and a commissioner who believe that they are untouchable. Between sentencing Ezekiel Elliott to a six-game suspension for a crime he might not have committed and stonewalling Kaepernick from the league, there's a lot to answer for.

But if the question is "Can Kaepernick help your team win football games?", then the answer is an unequivocal "Yes!". Some franchises like the Jets are tanking real hard, while others such as the Dolphins are simply choosing other players. Yet it's hard to believe that there isn't a place for Kaepernick in the NFL given his talent and production over the years.

Whether you agree with his ideologies or not, here are three teams that Kaepernick could most certainly help this very minute.

Indianapolis Colts (+190 to win AFC South)
Andrew Luck's shoulder sounds like it's in a lot worse shape than the Colts would have you believe. The former first overall pick has missed a total of 10 games over the last two years because he keeps getting knocked around. Getting rid of the football is not one of his strengths, and the shoulder injury he sustained in 2016 seems to have taken a lot longer to recover than the team anticipated.

Sitting behind Luck are Scott Tolzien, Stephen Morris and Philip Walker. I'd be surprised if you remember the first backup or even heard of the other two. Kaepernick would be able to either sit in for Andrew Luck or back him up if this injury gets worse.

We are, after all, talking about a team that is in a dead heat with the Texans and Titans for bragging rights in the AFC South, a division that has been so terribly wide open that anyone could take it. Kaepernick is by no means a replacement for Luck long term, but he could be a perfect fit in a "we need you as much as you need us" type of scenario.

The Colts have nothing to lose by bringing on Kaepernick, especially since there's no possible way it could create a quarterback controversy.

Minnesota Vikings (+300 to win NFC North)
The Vikings seem like the perfect team to acquire Kaepernick. Teddy Bridgewater is the supposed heir apparent, but he is being jerked around as he recovers from a knee injury that could seriously threaten his career. And while Sam Bradford had a top-10 quarterback rating last season, he only threw for 3,877 yards and 20 touchdowns against 14 turnovers. Kaepernick seems like an easy fill in for a team that can't possible have really enjoyed having Bradford at the helm for a full season.

Denver Broncos (+225 to win AFC West)
Let's just say that I'm not the biggest believe in Trevor Siemian. At no point has he shown a glimpse of being the kind of quarterback that wins playoff games, nor has he ever had the semblance of a franchise playmaker. It's too early to carve a tombstone for his career, but Siemian is by no means ready to win a Super Bowl right now.

But the Broncos are so good all around that they have odds that put them right in the thick of the AFC West hunt. The Kansas City Chiefs are the rightful defenders of the throne after going 6-0 SU against their own division last year, and the Oakland Raiders feel like a breakthrough candidate as long as Carr stays healthy.

At some point, if you're the Broncos, you have to consider the idea that the best guy available to get you to a Super Bowl may be someone who has taken a very similar team there already. The Niners defence in 2012 was as good as the Broncos will be in 2017, and the offence is certainly as capable.

Denver has spent so much money to keep guys like Von Miller and Demaryius Thomas that it's obvious that their window of opportunity is right this minute. When you can nab Kaepernick off the scrap heap for cheap to at least challenge Siemian, it's worth the gamble. And a couple bad games by Siemian may be all it takes for Kaepernick to get the call because Paxton Lynch is apparently too dumb to learn the offence.