Super Super XLVI Props Are Up
Your Super Sunday XLVI Props Free Picks

There’s no way that you can say you love gambling on Pro Football without tossing some money around on the platter of Super Bowl XLVI prop bets that are being released soon. For everyone that’s interested, New England is already favored at -3.0 against New York but there’s plenty of time to speculate who will win that matchup in the coming weeks.

This is about the Super Bowl XLVI prop bets, which has served as an all-you-can eat buffet each and every year. There will be the standard bets, like who scores the first touchdown (Gronkowski Pot Pie, anyone?) or how many yards Tom Brady will throw for, but let’s get to some fun ones first.

Peyton Manning Shown on Live TV During The Game (OVER/UNDER 6.5 Times)
How fast can I take the OVER in this total? The Giants-Patriots is designed to be an astoundingly close game, and they showed Peyton scowling and fist pumping in the first Super Bowl matchup between Brady and Eli ad nauseum.

This Super Bowl is taking place in his house pitting his little brother against his arch rival. How can they not have a camera on this guy at all times? And how can you seriously think that single-digit shots of Peyton is a logical bet to make? You can’t.

OVER/UNDER on times they show highlights from 2004 Super Sunday (OVER/UNDER 4.5 Times)
I’ll have to check my dictionary, but highlights don’t include montages, which they’ll show lots of. There are three huge plays from Super Bowl XLII

1) The Helmet Catch
2) Moss’s touchdown in the fourth quarter
3) Plaxico’s touchdown to win the game

There’s no other highlight worth showing, and I’m not even sure that the Moss touchdown is deserving of revisiting for the production team. I’m sure they’ll show the helmet catch at least once, and Plax’s touchdown gets a nod as it sealed the victory. Beyond that? I’m not sure what stands out enough.

Honestly the safe bet is the OVER, but I just can’t conceive of a way they drag out footage of Laurence Maroney returning kicks or Amani Toomer catching an out route to make it the smart play on this prop.

How long will Kelly Clarkson hold the note “Brave” in the National Anthem (OVER/UNDER 5 seconds)
Before I saw her on Saturday Night Live, I would’ve thrown all my money at the OVER, but considering her current physical state, I’d say she wants to get off national television as soon as possible.

Another factor to think about is the whole Steven Tyler thing. The guy was killed by the public for singing too long, and scaring little children with gender confusion. Trust me. Kelly is no diva. She’ll go five second flat.

Gisele Bundchen will kiss Tom Brady during the broadcast (Yes +200)
The simple part of me is all like, “Of course she’ll be there!” but the more I think about it, the more I lean towards her giving her man the spotlight. She has enough of her own, and the last thing she wants to do to Tom during his record tying fourth Super Bowl victory is make it all about her. Hey, I’d love to see more of her as much as anyone, but I don’t even have the Patriots winning this game. You think Brady wants to be caught making out with Gisele after he loses the Super Bowl? Ok, she’s crazy hot, but still.

Bill Belichik Wears a Hoody in First Quarter (Yes -135 / No -105)
When doesn’t this guy wear a hoody? Well when he’s in Miami pretty much. I’ve never been to the new Indy stadium, so I can’t vouch for how hot or cold that place is, but stadiums are always colder than you think they’re going to be. Though he’s probably not that superstitious, I’d say that Belichik keeps the hoody on for at least the first quarter. You don’t mess with a good thing.

Madonna kisses another woman during halftime (Yes +500)
When she kissed Britney, it was so hot. When she triple kissed with Aguielra and Britney, it was kinda hot. Have you seen Madonna lately? She looks like my grandmother if she was alive and anorexic.

I’d like to say that Madonna’s PR team is smarter than letting her fool herself into thinking that kissing Kelly Clarkson on stage will be “hot” but I also saw how she was dressed at the Golden Globes. I’m just going against this happening because I don’t want to see it.

Whatever your Super Bowl XLVI wishes are, will definitely let you bet on them! Stay tuned to the sportsbook for all of the details.