Best NFL Season Win Totals For 2017

The NFL Regular Season Win Total board is the most popular NFL futures market for a reason. No other future allows you to actually make money off of a team's suffering like this one. Basically all the oddsmakers do is list how many games they think an NFL team is going to win, and you bet the OVER or the UNDER. Most of the popular bets will be spoken for, but these are the three best bets you can make on either side this coming season. Here are my picks for the 2017 season. Enjoy!


Kansas City Chiefs (9.5 Wins)
Did the oddsmakers forget to check the standings from last year? The Chiefs ripped off a record of 12-4 SU and 9-7 ATS record as one of the most underrated teams of 2016. Nothing has really changed about this team in the upcoming season, and that's a good thing for you. They're still one of the most wildly overlooked teams in the whole league. Of course, Oakland represents a big problem in the division itself but the Chiefs have consistently been a threat in the AFC regardless of how competitive their division is. This NFL regular season win total is an absolute steal.

New York Giants (8.5 Wins)
There are a ton of reasons to bet against the New York Giants. Their best running back is some guy named Paul Perkins. Brandon Marshall has been known to create dissension inadvertently. Something something Eli Manning's face. You know the drill. These are the Giants.

What a lot of people don't recall is that they had the second best defence in the league last year and were one of the punchiest bets you could find. They finished with an 11-5 SU and 9-6-1 ATS record last year that nobody seems to recall. The Giants slugged their way to that record and everything suggests that they're going to do it again. Undersell Eli Manning and this defence at your own risk.

Tennessee Titans (8.5 Wins)
Everyone is getting hyped about the Titans, and I'm buying. This is a franchise that has seemingly made a lot of the right moves and are in a division that is always there for the taking. Marcus Mariota has steadily improved and is becoming an established play maker, and boy does he have a lot of guys to make plays with. Adding Eric Decker and Corey Davis to compliment the running-back duo of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry is going to lead to more consistent scoring. The Titans have always been a strong defensive team, and went 9-7 SU last season with Mariota breaking his leg in Week 16. They can absolutely overtake Houston this year to be the top of the AFC South, even though that still isn't saying much.


New York Jets (4.0 Wins)
I don't know how the Jets are going to win one game let alone five. You can say a lot of positive things about Josh McCown as a person, but he's a terrible quarterback. The Jets aren't just in a rebuilding mode, they're in the middle of a brutal self destruction. None of this is worth the "quarterback of the future" they think they can get in the 2018 NFL Draft. Why not profit off of the misery?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8.0 Wins)
For a team that is being heavily profiled as the breakout squad of the upcoming season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sure do have a pretty low regular season win total. This is a combination bet - it's both an "I told you so" type of play and a wager against the ever-growing trend that the Bucs are somehow poised to make some sort of leap. Jameis Winston is by far the worst quarterback in the division, the defence always finds new ways to lose and none of their offseason moves have ever really mattered (sorry DeSean Jackson).

The Bucs are also one of the worst teams in December and nobody ever seems to remember this. They went 1-3 SU in the final four weeks of the season with the playoffs up for grabs. No team shrinks in the moment like Tampa Bay. Brutal in prime time, awful late in the year. Nothing they've done should look any better than 7-9 SU by the end of the year.

Los Angeles Rams (5.5 Wins)
Let's just say I'm not a Jared Goff guy. He stinks. This team stink. The coaching staff is new and quite literally nobody around betting circles cares about a team that went 4-11-1 ATS last year without making any discernible improvements during the offseason. At your most optimistic, you're looking at a 5 win team which still slips you into the UNDER here. Sean McVay is the league's youngest coach at 31 years of age, and while I loved what he did in Washington as an offensive coordinator, being the head honcho of a team is a much bigger beast. Everything about the complexion and makeup of this team screams UNDER in this futures market.