NFL Prime Time Free Picks - Week 6

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers on Thursday, October 12th @ 20:25 EST
This will be one of the most exhilarating matches of the week. I've got to say, I'm not a huge fan of Thursday Night games generally, but we've been treated to some solid ones thus far. This game pits two of the league's hottest teams against one another. The Eagles are 4-1 and have only lost to the undefeated Chiefs. They're coming of an absolute annihilation of the Cardinals. Carson Wentz was everyone's sexy sleeper pick for fantasy and he's proving these experts right. I'm calling it right now. Not only will the Eagles win the NFC East, they're going to win the entire NFC.

Super Cam Newton was coming off one of the toughest weeks of his career and it was completely deserved and self-inflicted. The Panthers got a huge win in Detroit to keep pace in the NFC South. They look like they're returning to their 2015 form and all without Luke Keuchly playing to his full potential. This is a tough one to predict, but I'm taking the points and riding with the Philadelphia Eagles (+3)

New York Giants @ Denver Broncos on Sunday, October 15th @ 20:30 EST
I have a little wager with my friend from the Big Apple. Who's going to get their first W- my abysmal fantasy squad or the woeful Giants? Because, combined, we're a lovely 0-10. As if their season couldn't get any worse, Beckham goes down with a fractured ankle. Hate to say it, but the dream is done. My fantasy season and the Giants season are over and it's only mid-October.

The Broncos are coming off the bye week after a big divisional win against the Raiders. The Broncos know they're going to have to keep pace with the Chiefs. With a well-rested defense, expect them to make Eli's life miserable. There is zero doubt they lose this game. If you have the bankroll, smash the money line. But if you want a little value, I also think they'll cover the double digit spread. However, I've learned my lesson too many times not to buy the points. Take the Denver Broncos (-9.5).

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans on Monday, October 16th @ 20:30 EST
Keep in mind, I'm writing this piece early in the week and there are many questions lingering for this game. Is there even a remote chance Andrew Luck plays in this one? Unlikely. More importantly, will Mariota find a way to play? It's incredibly difficult to predict this one without knowing the status of either QB. So, put it this way: if Marcus plays, smash the Titans; if not, flip a coin.

Seriously though, don't touch this one until as late as you can. I'm really thinking that the Titans will dominate. The Colts are hot trash. But this seems like a weird division game that might stay tight, especially considering that they're playing in prime time. I'm not locking down any ATS pick, but the more and more I look into this one, the more I like the Under.