Patriots Dominate Prop Bets At Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl 52 is right around the corner. It's the New England Patriots looking to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles against the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams were the top seeds in their conference this season.

When you start your betting for the Super Bowl, many times you start with the long list of prop bets that are available for the game. Prop Bets are individual pieces of action within the game. There is a long list of prop bets to make some money on this Sunday. Here are a few of my favorites.

1st Quarter Winning Margin

The New England Patriots are the favorites to win this game, and it's always fun to bet on the first quarter of the game. Look for the game to start slow, but both teams get on the board. I'm putting my money on the Pats seeing the end zone in the first stanza while Philly settles for a field goal. With that in mind, Patriots by 1-6 points at +375 looks like a solid pick.

Race to 6 Points

This one piggy backs off our 1st Quarter Deficit prop. Since I'm pegging New England to score the first TD (in the first quarter), it only makes sense, I put a few bucks on this one as well and do a little double dipping. The Pats pay +105 on this bet.

Player to Score First Touchdown

Since we've already established what team is scoring the first touchdown, now we can delve a little deeper and decide on what player will score the first touchdown. Rob Gronkowski would be the natural first choice, but he still hasn't fully recovered from his head injury and as of now is still doubtful to play in the Super Bowl.

Danny Amendola had two touchdowns in the AFC title game. We know the Patriots love to spread the ball. I'm going for value here on and taking Brandin Cooks at +1000. Brady likes to spread the love. I'm banking on Cooks getting some of that early on.

Player to Win Super Bowl 52 MVP

Tom Brady. Come on, man. We know this is going to be Tom Brady, right? When does Tom Brady not win this? It could be a defensive player, or a special team player, but if this game goes anything like Vegas expects - this is Brady's to lose. The 40 year old is looking to win his sixth(!) Super Bowl title. The guy just keeps on getting it done. There's no way I even look at another player. I don't care that the line is -160. If the Pats win (and I think they will), it'll be off the arm of Tom Brady.

Team to Score Longest Field goal

While we have been on a Patriots kick with all the prop bets thus far - it's time to give the Eagles one of them. Eagles kicker, Jake Elliott, is crazy good. He is going to lead the Eagles to the longest field goal made in this game. While the Patriots have a fantastic Special Teams unit, out of pure need to make a field goal, even money for the Eagles to make the longest field goal is a great value, and one we will take for Super Bowl 52.