Will The Wentz Wagon Stroll Out Of Seattle With A W?

Can anyone on the face of this Earth slow down the Eagles? Nope. No Bear nor Cowboy nor Giant was up to the task. So look to this sky for a fellow bird of prey. This is the week the Eagles come crashing back down to reality. There's value on the money line but I can't turn down the points. Pay some juice and buy this one at the Seattle Seahawks (+6).

The Eagles are coming off an absolute blowout of the Bears in Philly. Nothing seemingly could go wrong for the boys from the City of Brotherly Love. They dominated on offense, defense, special teams-hell, even their celebration choreography went unmatched. Then again, have the Eagles really beaten anyone over their nine-game winning streak? Check out their schedule. The answer is: not really. I guess the Chargers and Panthers have looked like legitimate teams recently. But Philly caught them in the middle of their downturns. Of the remaining teams that they've beaten, none have a winning record. This should be cause for concern for anyone jumping on the Wentz wagon. And, believe me; I'm strongly considering jumping on. This just feels like a terrible spot for the Eagles.

The Seahawks are coming off a dominant win against their woeful division rivals from the Bay Area. Poor San Fran-you know you're desperate when Jimmy Garoppolo seems like the second coming of the Messiah. Though I guess he did look great…in the eighteen seconds he played. Anyways, Seattle has got to be fired up for this one. Are they really going to lose three in a row at home? The 12th Man is going to blow the roof off their stadium for this one in prime time.

The thing that scares me for this one: are the Seahawks the same team without Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman. They were the bedrock, the backbone, the boom of this defense. Their defense got lit up by Atlanta and then rebounded against the 49ers. Which version will show up against arguably the NFL's most potent offense? And no disrespect to the Rams, but the Eagles are number one in my books. They can run the ball down your throats and play-action you to death when you bite with Wentz to Jeffrey.

At the end of the day, I can't turn down the points with the home underdog. Six points might look like nothing to the untrained eye, but consider this: since Seattle drafted Russell Wilson in 2012, the Seahawks have been favored in 41 of their 45 home games. In those 45 games, the Seahawks have gone 36-9 SU and have never lost by more than seven points. Furthermore, in three of the four games where the Seahawks were the underdog, not only did they cover, but they won outright beating the Cowboys, Packers and Patriots. The one time they lost outright…two weeks ago to the Falcons. I'm banking hard on these historical trends. It's going to be a sweat. But there's no such thing as easy money.