Super Bowl XLV Prop Betting – Mike Wallace Is Too Fast For Green Bay

There is a major reason why Mike Wallace deserves your attention in Super bowl XLV prop betting. Of the six times that Pittsburgh has won the Super Bowl, a receiver has won the award three times. That list includes Lynn Swann, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes.

Quarterback Terry Bradshaw and running back Franco Harris took it home the other two times.

Is Wallace next?

Mike Wallace destroyed the Green Bay Packers in his first and only game against them back in the 2009 regular season. He may have caught just two passes for 79-yards, but those two passes ended up in the endzone and one was for the game winner.

Wallace has been groomed all season as the team’s new big play receiver, and his blinding speed and reliable hands have made him a perfect compliment to what Heath Miller and Hines Ward do underneath. Yet Wallace got in to the endzone more often than any member of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ receiving corps, and considering that the odds are that a receiver will take home the MVP if the Steelers win, Wallace’s Super Bowl XLV prop betting odds are very much worth gazing over.

Especially considering that he’s valued at 12-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl XLV MVP award.

The tricky part is wondering whether or not he can routinely beat Green Bay’s coverage. In 2009, the relatively unknown Wallace was able to take advantage of a Packers team that practically didn’t know he existed. The Packers won’t take their eyes off of him this time around.

To their credit, the Packers don’t allow too may big plays in the passing game. They averaged 6.5 yards against per pass, and gave up a total of just 15 touchdowns throughout the entire season. Generally speaking, Green Bay has a defense which will chew you up and spit you out just so they can chew you up again.

However, that doesn’t negate any value that Mike Wallace has in Super Bowl XLV prop online betting. Schemes, coverage details and game planning can be negated by one thing and one thing only – speed. Obviously, you have to have good hands, excellent coordination and a knack for miracles but I think Wallace’s team leading 60 catches and 1,257 yards this season proved he has all three of those things.

One thing he most certainly has is the fastest pair of legs not attached to Michael Vick. Hell Wallace may be even faster than Vick on the football field. The say you can’t teach speed, and even if Wallace’s defenders back off in coverage to account for it, that just means there will be more routes underneath available to him.

Covering Wallace will likely be Tramon Williams, who led the league this year in interceptions and has carved out a reputation as Green Bay’s newest ball hawk even though the Pro Bowl voters won’t admit it. That works both for and against Williams. The Packers cornerback is just starting to build his reputation, and while he would probably scare the bejeezus out of most quarterbacks, he’s just not a big enough player to scare Roethlisberger away from Wallace.

That’s part of why I think a Super Bowl XLV prop betting pick on Wallace is so valuable. The MVP almost always goes to the guy who comes up with the bigger plays, and nobody on Pittsburgh is capable of more “big plays” than Wallace on the offensive side of the ball (note: credit to Polamalu, but I’m nervous about his ankle).

The rest of the Pittsburgh Steelers have solid odds in Super Bowl XLV prop betting as well, but none of them hold a candle to the world of potential that Wallace is capable of. Ward is generally an easier target to blanket because he’s slower, and while he’s got some of the best hands in the league, he rarely explodes for monster games especially given his age. Miller is a short yardage receiver at best. Mendenhall has a great chance of being a huge impact player on the game. As always, there’s Roethlisberger.

If you think the Pittsburgh Steelers have a chance of winning the Super Bowl this year, Wallace is perhaps the best value on the board to win the MVP simply because he’s double the value of Mendenhall and pays out six-times more than Roethlisberger. Don’t ignore just how important speed can be to Super Bowl XLV prop betting when it comes to the MVP award.

As they say, speed kills and nobody is faster than Mike Wallace on Sunday.

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