NHL Hockey Betting Tips  

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Online NHL betting often takes back seat to other forms of sports wagering; however, there's a lot of money to be made if you know what to look for when handicapping action on the ice. To help you build your bankroll, here is valuable insight and some of the strongest NHL wagering tips to consider before making your selections.

Capitalize on hockey wagers and BetUS NHL odds that are best for you. The moneyline in hockey betting is the same as in other types of online sports wagering events. There is no point spread in a moneyline bet. The highest negative money is the favorite, with the positive money going to the underdog. The puckline is the NHL’s variation of the spread. It is set at 1½ goals. If you bet on a team at +1½, they are the underdogs and can win outright, tie, or lose by one goal. Favorites are listed at -1½, and must win by at least two goals to earn a payday.

Know who's in net for both teams. A goalie is the single most important player on the ice and your wager will likely be decided by his performance. Often times favorable situations occur when a back-up goalie gets the start, which is a fairly common occurrence, to provide rest for the starter. It's a solid practice to see who will be starting between the pipes for every game.

Be aware of fatigue and jet lag. NHL teams playing consecutive games on the road will often show signs of fatigue. There's a significant advantage for home teams when the visitors played the night before in a different city. Evening action forces clubs to fly late and they often don't get into town for the next game until early morning. Usually the visitors take the ice tired and slow in these instances and it causes their performance to suffer.

Buy stock in defense and teams that are physical. As in any sport, defense wins online sports betting dollars and hockey is no different. A finesse team can make amazing passes with deadly accuracy, skate with incredible skill and is exciting to watch, but they usually struggle in games against hard-checking and physical teams.

Take the approach that best suits you and your bankroll when handicapping the NHL. Which statistics and factors should you invest most heavily in, and which should you ignore? The correct answers are mostly a matter of opinion. Your BetUS account balance will be a clear indicator as to your approach.

Study and stay focused. Whether you're a novice or a veteran handicapper, online NHL wagering can become overwhelming because of the large number of games nightly and high volume of stats. Be precise when doing your homework on teams and matchups, because there are many variables that can be factored in to your analysis. Stay focused and your determination will payoff—literally!