Red Wings and Blackhawks Lead Odds to Reach Western Conference Finals

If you’re betting on the odds to reach the Western Conference Finals in NHL futures, you’re a smart man.

Unlike the predictable two-horse race in the east, the Western Conference is so much harder to figure out and predicting an outright champion would take a world of luck.

All of the typical contenders are piled at the top, and while a couple over-the-hill teams are still lingering, there’s a big sleeper out there that nobody is talking about…yet.

Detroit Red Wings (+250 odds to reach Western Conference Finals)

The Red Wings are a Western Conference stalwart, reaching the Stanley Cup doorstep three times in the past five years. They may be getting older, but that may just dial this experienced roster in even tighter.

They’re my favorite bet to reach the Western Conference Finals and I shouldn’t have to explain why. Reliability should go a long way in NHL futures betting.

Chicago Blackhawks (+150 odds to reach Western Conference Finals)

The Blackhawks have been to the Western Conference Finals in the past two years, and the defending champions have a huge target on their back.

They’ve lost some integral parts of their roster, and the only name worthy guy they’ve actually shipped in is Marty Turco. Do you trust the 35-year old goalie? Neither do I.

San Jose Sharks (+325)

Usually a brides maid. Never a bride. Always a p***y when it comes to playoff hockey. Joe Thornton may be one of the best players in the league, but he’s also the Dan Marino of the NHL. The Sharks will never get over the hump with Thornton as their best player.

Vancouver Canucks (+225)

To me, the Canucks lack viable depth and physicality to do well in the playoffs. I love Ryan Kesler, but the rest of the team doesn’t have the punch to back up his trash talk. And I think we’ve all checked out on the mystique that was Roberto Luongo.


Calgary flames (+800)

Ask any real Flames fan, and they’ll laugh and cry when you ask them about their team’s odds to reach the Western Conference Finals. Expect the Flames to be pestering Brian Burke and the Leafs about trading Jarome Iginla.

Anaheim Ducks (+800)

The Ducks have and always will be a team that made its mark with a great defense. The two cogs of that wheel that made it spin where Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermeyer, and neither of those guys are on the team anymore.


Phoenix Coyotes (+1000)

Phoenix and hockey go together like cashews and bubble gum. What also hurts the value of this bet is the fact that the Western Conference playoff picture usually plays out as planned. Still, the Coyotes took a huge step forward last year and are big enough to succeed in the playoffs.

Running the Red Wings to a seventh game in the quarter-finals last year should give these guys the motivation to feel like they’re deserving of better odds to reach the Western Conference Finals in NHL futures betting.

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