Caster Semenya Gender Results - South African Runner is a Hermaphrodite

Controversy over champion runner Caster Semenya deepened today – Results from the infamous ‘Gender Test’ show that she is a HERMAPHRODITE.

Semenya has NO womb or ovaries and has internal testes, the male sexual organs which produce testosterone.

IAAF source was quoted today as saying: "There certainly is evidence now that Semenya is a hermaphrodite.”

"But the trouble is the IAAF now have the whole ANC and the whole of South Africa on their backs.”

"Everything is going to have to be done absolutely by the book, no question of a challenge to our findings.”

"There's all sorts of scans you do. This is why it's complicated.”

"In the past you used to do a gynecological exam, blood test, chromosome test, whatever. That's why the findings were challenged, because it's not quite so simple. So what they do now is they do everything, and then they can say look, not only has she got this, she's got that and the other. The problem for us is to avoid it being an issue now which is very personal: of the organs being a hermaphrodite, of not being a 'real' woman. It's very dramatic."

Semenya's family have slammed the claims, saying: "It is God who made her look that way but she IS a girl."

Athletics South Africa president Leonard Chuene said the organisation would advise the teenager to ignore all media speculation until she had been officially informed of the results of the tests.

He said: "We are ignoring these claims. We cannot comment on them as we know nothing about them. We will wait for the due process to be followed. The authorities have made a statement to say we will be informed about the results and we await that development. We cannot get involved in gossip of this sort. Our people will speak to Caster this evening and ensure that she puts these rumours from her mind. She is at university at the moment. She must concentrate on her studies. We stand fully behind her as our athlete."

Semenya's family also angrily disputed the claims.

The athlete's uncle Lesiba Rammabi, 51, said her relatives were 'very humiliated' by the reports.

He said: "I believe Caster is normal, inside and out. What does it matter whether she can have babies or not? Many people cannot have children, why else do parents adopt? Are those women not women also? We are a normal family who looked at a child when she was born, saw that she was a girl and raised her as any other family would do. Are we now being told that we are wrong? We are very humiliated by what has been said and do not understand how it can be true. This is a woman who was raised a female. She will always be female, no matter what people say."