Live Betting Tips For Those Who Want More In-Game Excitement

If you aren't Live Betting in the Sportsbook during games, then you simply aren't doing this right. You don't have to be Live Betting on all the games (though you can), but it's a quick way to build your bankroll if done correctly. Here are some tips to get you started with Live Betting if you're new to this wonderful world of gambling.

What Live Betting Is
Live Betting includes bets that occur on a constantly evolving line during a game in play. You can usually bet on quarters, halves and the outcome of the whole game itself. You can do so by finding the game in the sportsbook and clicking on the "Live Betting" link under the matchup.

A window will then open with odds that reflect the current score of the game. You'll notice that the Live Betting spread will be different than the pre-game line that was initially set for the game because it's based on the action. For example, if Oklahoma City is -9.0 favorites against the Brooklyn Nets, and they're up 14-3 in the first quarter the spread will probably be much higher. Likewise, if they're down 3-14, the spread will come down closer to even.

Spreads, totals and moneylines will vastly change as the game progresses. If the Thunder are down 37-48 heading in to the second half, you will be able to bet on a modified spread, total and moneyline. If you're watching the game, or even attending the game, you can use Live Betting to either hedge a losing pre-game bet or compound it.

Why Live Betting Is Awesome - A Personal Story
In 2010, Cam Newton had taken the world by storm. He had put Auburn in a position they hadn't tasted in eons on the precipice of a national title game. All they had to do was get past a little known super power in the SEC known as Alabama. The Crimson Tide was favored at -4.5 heading in to the game because they deserved to be.

I wasn't buying it. I threw some bankroll at Auburn to win on the moneyline. The problem was that I was inundated with writing assignments that afternoon and with the game kicking off at 2:30pm EST I was missed a bit of the first quarter. "No worries, I told myself. Your bet is in."

By the time I turned on the game, Saban's Tide had rolled out to a 21-point lead. I nearly punched my television. My choice was simple: live bet on Bama's insane spread at that point or double down on my misery. I chose to be a hero because of Cam Newton.

At the end of the first half it was 24-7 Alabama, with Newton putting the Tigers on the board in the dying minutes of the second quarter. I sat on my couch forlorn, knowing I had twenty minutes to make a decision. Did I bet on Alabama which had firm control of the game or trust my own analysis concerning Auburn's second half adjustments, Nick Fairley being dominant and Newton's ability to take over a game?

I said "screw it" throwing caution to the wind. I made another moneyline bet on Auburn because the payout was enormous at that point. To some extent, since I do this for a living, I had faith in my instincts. To add context, college and pro football had been insanely profitable for me that year so I could take one on the chin in hopes of chasing glory.

By the time the game was over, Auburn won 28-27. I had made five bets on the game - one on the original moneyline for the underdogs, three more on a live moneyline and one more on a spread right before the fourth quarter. It was a great afternoon, an even better weekend and it was all thanks to Live Betting.

You don't have to be brazen. Sometimes you can just use Live Betting to recover some losses on your pre-game bet. Other times you can trust your gut and double (or quintuple) your pleasures. That's the beauty of Live Betting - it all happens so fast and furious. There are many different strategies to approaching Live Betting, but here are three just to get you started.


1. Start With A Pre-Game Bet
You are definitely free to live bet on a game that you haven't laid previous action on (and it's a great way to get in on a game when you don't get a bet in earlier), but this at least gives you a starting point. If you are worried about losing your bet, you can use Live Betting to recover your original amount. Better yet, you can lean harder on your original position in order to increase your gains. Starting with a pre-game bet gives you a sense of context - you know which outcome you're rooting for.

2. Have A Good Bankroll
Loading up your account with larger balances gives you a better chance at more freeplay, but when it comes to Live Betting it gives you flexibility as well. If you've dumped all of your existing money in to a regular bet, that will leave you with no money for Live Betting. This seems like obvious thinking but if you have a particular NBA or NHL game in mind, and $100 to spend why not leverage $50 on a pre-game bet and keep $50 in store just in case? This leave you some flexibility to see how a game unfolds and allows you to either cover your tracks or double up your winnings.

3. Trust Your Instincts
Your instincts can be based on numbers or gut feelings. It's up to you and the type of player you are. Develop a strategy and stick to it, tweaking it along the way until it resembles something you're comfortable with.

One tidbit about that Iron Bowl game - I was alone at home on my couch. Ok, my cat was there too. Live Betting made that game a thousand times more thrilling win or lose. You walk in to your bets with a gameplan. Live Betting allows you to execute that game plan and react to the action as it develops adding more excitement and fun to the journey.

Gambling is an edge-of-your-seat ride to begin with. Now imagine strapping rockets to the chair and travelling at a hundred miles an hour. That's how fun Live Betting is. Give it a shot with a solid strategy and a decent bankroll and you won't regret it.