90th Academy Awards Free Betting Picks

The 2018 Academy Awards will take place on March 4th from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood California. The Academy Awards go to the best Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences, along with the best films. I'm going to share my best predictions for the event, with Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Best Picture:
The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri are the two favorites for this award. The other three are Lady Bird, Get Out and Dunkirk. This should be an interesting decision, but in the end the Shape of Water at 5/4 will take home the Oscar.

Best Director:
We look forward to the Best Director odds. While these are many of the same as the Best Picture, now we are talking about who directs these great films. Guillermo Del Toro as the Shape of Water is the favorite for this listed at 8/13. Christopher Nolan of Dunkirk is listed at 6/1, Greta Gerwig of Lady Bird is 12/1, Jordan Peele for Get Out is at 401 and Paul Thomas Anderson is listed at 100/1 to win the Best Director. Since I'm pegging the Shape of Water to win Best Picture, logic says to back them here, too. Guillermo Del Toro at 8/13 is the bet

Best Actor:
There are some awfully talented actors in all of these films. Gary Oldman is the favorite to win this award, listed at 1/16. Others involved with this ward are Daniel Kaluuya at 18/1, Timothee Chalamet at 18/1 and Daniel Day-Lewis at 25/1,  We are going to go a little outside the box and go with an underdog here. Daniel Kaluuya at 18/1 as part of Get Out is our bet. This should be a nice payout for a win.

Best Actress:
Don't forget about the ladies..  Frances McDormand is the huge favorite to win this award. Listed at 1/9 out of the Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing. This seems hard to imagine anyone else is going to win this award. Moving on with other awards and either betting the favorite for a decent chunk of money or just placing no bet on this one.

There is a look at our Academy Awards Picks. We gave you our top pick for the best picture, best director, best actor and best actress. Enjoy the Academy and good luck with all your Academy Awards bets!