Golden Globes Odds – Colin Firth Favorite for Best Actor in Drama

Those who will be playing against the Golden Globes odds may be wondering whether Colin Forth, who is the prohibitive -800 favorite for Best Actor in a Drama, could be part of a big night for "The King's Speech" at the awards ceremony. The Golden Globes takes place on Sunday, January 16 at 8 PM ET at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. Firth's closest "competition" comes from James Franco, who is at +600 in Golden Globes odds for "127 Hours."


Colin Firth - The Kings Speech             -800
James Franco - 127 Hours       +600
Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network              +800
Mark Wahlberg - The Fighter               +2000
Ryan Gosling - Blue Valentine               +2000

Colin Firth (-800 in Golden Globes odds) got his first Oscar and Golden Globe nominations last year for "A Single Man" and this year he is the big favorite to go walking down the aisle at both ceremonies for his role as King George VI in "The King's Speech," which is about the royal monarch, who was also the last Emporer of India and the last King of Ireland (did you know that?). he also stammered - badly - and he enlisted the help of a speech coach to work his way out of that one. That is the basis of the film, and his teacher is played by Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush, who is a contender in the Supporting Actor category.

I don't know that too many people think he's going to lose out here, although I would not be surprised if he got something of a push from James Franco (+600 in Golden Globes odds), who is known for his roles in "Spider Man" and "Milk" and plays the mountain climber Aron Ralston, who, when his arm was crushed and trapped by a boulder, amputated it to get out. Of course, a lot of people are asking "Well, what is so compelling about watching a guy stuck in between a boulder for an hour and a half,"  but actually, the movie, directed by Danny Boyle, involved a lot of flashbacks where he met up with hikers beforehand. So you've got a hero, and a great story behind it, and he's alive, too. Franco is a hot commodity and well-liked (in fact, he's one of the hosts of the Oscars this year), and I would not disqualify him at all.

Four of these actors are portraying real-life figures, and I suppose the richest, on paper anyway, may be the character Jesse Eisenberg (+800 in Golden Globes odds) plays in "The Social Network," which is the film that got a lot of early  buzz for the Oscars (of course, the films released late in the year get the most push). Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook says that the story is highly fictionalized, but that doesn't ' take away from the stirring performance, which may have captured the Zuckerberg personality better than any actor could. This is not the most sympathetic portrayal, and Eisenberg did not come into this thing as an established movie star, and those things could hurt him in the voting.

Ryan Gosling (+2000)  is one of the best actors we have, and sooner or later he'll get recognized for it (he's actually nee Oscar-nominated in the past). I'm not sure it's going to be for "Blue Valentine," which is difficult material for some people. I've been in the fight game, and I'm very familiar with the Mickey Ward story, but I have not yet seen "The Fighter." However, from what I have heard, it is not the performance of Mark Wahlberg (also +2000 in Golden Globes odds) that steals the show, but rather, those of Christian Bale and Melissa Leo, who portray his brother and mother, respectively. For this particular category, the film is not a contender.

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