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Handicapping "Doctor Death" in the Michael Jackson Case

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Who is Conrad Murray? Well, he was Michael Jackson's personal physician, and now he is at the center of a storm of controversy. The Dr. has admitted to being responsible for administering a drug "cocktail" to the pop icon on June 25 that proved to be lethal. Jackson's death has now been ruled a homicide, which points to a possible manslaughter charge against the 56-year-old cardiologist, who was reportedly pulling in $150,000 a month as a retainer.

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Apparently Dr. Murray waited for an hour and 22 minutes after he noticed Jackson unconscious before calling for the paramedics, which does not bode well for him. Neither does the fact that investigators conducted a raid on his home and clinics. He may soon be indicted for manslaughter.

We know you can't possibly go to work in the morning without knowing the answers to the following burning questions, so we will provide them:

Yes there will be a trial -140
No Trial Ev

(If the case is plea bargained or the charges are dropped, "No" will be graded the winner)

There is something that tells me this case will not get to trial, because of the fact that it would become a media circus and would appear so easy to plead out to. But on the other hand, it is hard to tell what a district attorney will do because out in Tinseltown most of those "law enforcements" types don't shun publicity.

Murray could be easier on himself by entering a plea bargain, because he would wind up with probation or less time. But remember that he claims to have done nothing wrong, and he'd certainly like to continue practicing medicine. The chances of that happening if he pleads guilty to manslaughter are non-existent.

YES (-140 at BetUS)

Yes -300
No +200

(If the case goes to trial will Dr. Murray be found guilty. Any wagers placed after results become public knowledge will be no action.)

Murray emphatically denies any wrongdoing, and that he simply gave Jackson the 25 mg of Propofol to help him sleep. The questions surround whether that was the extent of the dose Jackson got. Los Angeles Police Department sources have been quoted (albeit anonymously) as saying that they believe the dosage was closer to 500 mg. They are also rather suspicious of the long delay between the time Murray says he found Jackson unconscious and the time he called the paramedics.

We really don't have a lot of the evidence before us, but I know that there will be an argument put forth by Murray's attorneys that not only were there up to twenty other doctors giving medication to Jackson, and that the star himself was contributory to his own demise, but I don't think that will get him off; it could just serve to get the sentence lowered or the charges reduced.

Yes -400
No +250

(Will Dr. Conrad Murray be sentenced to jail time for his role in Michael Jackson’s Death? Any wagers placed after results become public knowledge will be no action.)

I think that if he is found guilty at a trial, he will do some jail time. If Murray strikes a plea bargain, there is no telling what the charge could ultimately be, but it might result in something along the lines of probation and a ton of community service. On balance though, because of the tremendous public pressure, I'd say....

YES (-400 at BetUS)

Under 1 Year +300
1-2 Years +110
3-5 Years +120
More than 5 Years +400

(How long will Dr. Conrad Murray's sentence be? Wagers will be graded no action if he is not sentenced to jail time)

If Murray is found guilty or pleads out to involuntary manslaughter, the maximum sentence is four years. Here is where the political part may come into play. I'm sure that because the Jackson family will be carrying a lot of clout, he's not going to get off with less than a year (once again, that's contingent on there being a trial). On the other hand, it's possible that because of all the exposure, Murray might have a "Dream Team-Lite" in place, which will undoubtedly include an African-American attorney or two. They will contend that many of the doctors who administered drugs to Jackson were white, and why aren't they being punished as much, etc., etc., etc. The race card will be alive and well in high-profile Los Angeles trials once again.

1-2 YEARS (+110 at BetUS)

Yes They'll Sue -1000
No They Won't Sue +500

(Will the Jackson family sue Dr Conrad Murray in a civil suit? If no suit is filed by December 31st 2010. No will be graded the winner. Any Wagers placed after results become public knowledge will be graded no action.)

Well, according to Jackson's father Joe Jackson (not to be confused with the musician of "Stepping Out" fame or the "shoeless' one from baseball), "Someone should pay. Not just someone but all of them should pay that's involved."

So what conclusion would you come to? There is certainly more of a likelihood of a civil suit being filed than for criminal charges to be brought. Since damages would obviously be a factor, the naked truth about Jackson's finances would likely be brought out in the open for everyone on CNN. Fox News, MSNBC, Court TY and the Nancy Grace Show to speculate about. Hooray!

YES THEY'LL SUE (-1000 at BetUS)