BetUS Posts Odds on LeWar - the First Celebrity Twitter War

America’s interest in the private lives of celebrities is at an all time high, and with the whole social network and blog craze, celebs are flocking to Twitter to let their followers know what they’re up to in 140 characters or less. Some stars do it to raise awareness, some to stroke their egos, but others do it for all-out bloodshed.

LeWar: the first ever “Twitter War”, is underway, and it’s the battle of the B-List! BetUS sportsbook has all the odds on the war, but first let’s meet the fighters! In the red corner we have LeVar Burton, whom you may remember as Kunta Kinte from Roots¸ or Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation. “Boom Boom” Burton fills the role of contender in this fight, as he started out on Twitter all the way back in December ‘08.

The newcomer, in the blue corner, is actor/comedian/author Michael Ian Black. “Babyface Black” actually started LeWar with this blog post, but didn’t open a Twitter account until mid-February ’09. He’s gaining followers rapidly as he is very adept at self-publicity, no matter how humiliating it may be - you may remember last July when he threatened to actually fight fellow-author Tucker Max. Michael Ian Black is younger and hungrier than LeVar Burton, and has everything to prove.

However, Star Trek fans certainly outnumber (and probably out-crazy) fans of Black’s projects (Cancelled but hilarious sitcom Stella and MTV sketch show The State.) This will sway most of the odds in Burton’s favor, but take a look at some of our interesting side-bets as well:

First to 100,000 followers:
Levar                 -400      1/4
MIB                  +400     4/1
Neither              +300     3/1

In a war between geeks can either be declared winners?
To be declared unanimous winner of LeWar:
Neither              +100     1/1
Levar                 +150     3/2
MIB                  +250     5/2

Big Swing Vote…
First to be followed by Shaq:
Levar     -700      1/7
MIB      +400     4/1

Desperation and too much free time may cause MIB to turn to Youtube for support…but will he face a backlash for going negative early?
First to put a "Campaign Attack Ad" style video on Youtube:
MIB      -300      1/3
LeVar    +200     2/1

In times of war, we may be forced to ration back at home…
Will Twitter "fail whale" (go down) under the pressure of Lewar?
Yes      +500     5/1
No        -1000    1/10

We here at BetUS are remaining neutral on the subject, and are following both @levarburton and @michaelianblack. Don’t forget to follow @BetUS on Twitter to stay up to date on LeWar and other off-the-wall prop bets, plus sports updates and free contests!