Crisis in Japan sparks tsunami fears all over the world - could the United States be next?

NEW YORK, NY – With the unspeakable tragedy that has occurred in Japan due to earthquakes, a tsunami, and the subsequent crippling of nuclear power plants, fears of natural disasters all over the world have reached a fever pitch. With the public looking for answers, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds to give people some insight.

Analysts at posted the following odds on natural disasters:

Odds on an NYC earthquake in 2011

Yes 5/1

No 1/10

By when

  • 2011 7/2
  • 2012 5/1
  • 2013 6/1
  • 2014 4/1
  • 2015 3/1
  • 2016 + 1/2

Odds on a USA Tsunami disaster

Yes 100/1

Odds on a USA Nuclear plant meltdown

Yes 300/1

Odds on where a tsunami will hit the USA next

  • Maine 25/1
  • New Hampshire 15/1
  • Massachusetts 10/1
  • Delaware 15/1
  • Rhode Island 25/1
  • Connecticut 25/1
  • North Carolina 10/1
  • South Carolina 15/1
  • Florida 18/1
  • Washington 20/1
  • Oregon 20/1
  • California 10/1
  • Alaska 8/1

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