Here Comes The Stanley Cup! Which Team Will Win It All And Bring Cup Glory to Their City?

NEW YORK, NY – Stanley Cup fever is in the air and fans across the country are looking for answers as to how their favorite teams will compete.

This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds to give some insight!

Oddsmakers at posted the following odds on the Stanley Cup:

Odds on Stanley Cup Playoffs first round series winner:

Tampa Bay Lightning 3/2

Pittsburgh Penguins 5/8

Phoenix Coyotes 3/2

Detroit Red Wings 1/2

New York Rangers 2/1

Washington Capitals 2/5

Chicago Blackhawks 3/2

Vancouver Canucks 1/2

Nashville Predators 6/5

Anaheim Ducks 2/3

Montreal Canadiens 8/5

Boston Bruins 1/2

Buffalo Sabres 6/5

Philadelphia Flyers 2/3

Los Angeles Kings 2/1

San Jose Sharks 2/5

Odds on the NHL Stanley Cup Winner:

Anaheim Ducks 15/1

Boston Bruins 9/1

Buffalo Sabres 25/1

Chicago Blackhawks 15/1

Detroit Red Wings 6/1

Los Angeles Kings 25/1

Montreal Canadiens 30/1

Nashville Predators 25/1

New York Rangers 30/1

Philadelphia Flyers 8/1

Phoenix Coyotes 30/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 12/1

San Jose Sharks 6/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 15/1

Vancouver Canucks 3/1

Washington Capitals 6/1

Odds on possible Stanley Cup Finals matchup:

Bruins vs Blackhawks 40/1

Bruins vs Canucks 9/1

Bruins vs Coyotes 70/1

Bruins vs Ducks 35/1

Bruins vs Kings 45/1

Bruins vs Predators 45/1

Bruins vs Red Wings 15/1

Bruins vs Sharks 15/1

Canadiens vs Blackhawks 100/1

Canadiens vs Canucks 24/1

Canadiens vs Coyotes 150/1

Canadiens vs Ducks 90/1

Canadiens vs Kings 100/1

Canadiens vs Predators 100/1

Canadiens vs Red Wings 40/1

Capitals vs Blackhawks 30/1

Capitals vs Canucks 6/1

Capitals vs Coyotes 50/1

Capitals vs Ducks 25/1

Capitals vs Kings 30/1

Capitals vs Predators 30/1

Capitals vs Red Wings 11/1

Capitals vs Sharks 11/1

Flyers vs Blackhawks 35/1

Flyers vs Canucks 8/1

Flyers vs Coyotes 60/1

Flyers vs Ducks 35/1

Flyers vs Kings 40/1

Flyers vs Predators 40/1

Flyers vs Red Wings 15/1

Flyers vs Sharks 15/1

Lightning vs Blackhawks 65/1

Lightning vs Canucks 15/1

Lightning vs Coyotes 100/1

Lightning vs Ducks 60/1

Lightning vs Kings 75/1

Lightning vs Predators 75/1

Lightning vs Red Wings 25/1

Lightning vs Sharks 25/1

Penguins vs Blackhawks 60/1

Penguins vs Canucks 13/1

Penguins vs Coyotes 100/1

Penguins vs Ducks 55/1

Penguins vs Kings 70/1

Penguins vs Predators 70/1

Penguins vs Red Wings 25/1

Penguins vs Sharks 25/1

Rangers vs Blackhawks 100/1

Rangers vs Canucks 25/1

Rangers vs Coyotes 200/1

Rangers vs Ducks 100/1

Rangers vs Kings 100/1

Rangers vs Predators 100/1

Rangers vs Red Wings 50/1

Rangers vs Sharks 50/1

Sabres vs Blackhawks 100/1

Sabres vs Canucks 24/1

Sabres vs Coyotes 150/1

Sabres vs Ducks 90/1

Sabres vs Kings 100/1

Sabres vs Predators 100/1

Sabres vs Red Wings 40/1

Sabres vs Sharks 40/1

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