It’s opening day for MLB and the baseball world is ready to rock with fans frantically looking for answers!

NEW YORK, NY – Major League Baseball is ready for opening day and fans across the country are giddy with excitement.  While the season may just be starting, speculation regarding league champs, MVPs, Cy Youngs, and of the course the World Series is already through the roof.  This being the case the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on all things Major League Baseball.

Analysts at posted the following odds on Major League Baseball

World Series winner
Arizona Diamondbacks      100/1  
Atlanta Braves      20/1  
Boston Red Sox      4/1  
Chicago Cubs      40/1  
Chicago White Sox      25/1  
Cincinnati Reds      20/1  
Cleveland Indians      100/1  
Colorado Rockies      20/1  
Detroit Tigers      30/1  
Florida Marlins      35/1  
Houston Astros      100/1  
Los Angeles Angels      25/1  
Los Angeles Dodgers      25/1  
Milwaukee Brewers      25/1  
Minnesota Twins      20/1  
New York Mets      40/1  
New York Yankees      13/2  
Oakland Athletics      35/1  
Philadelphia Phillies      3/1  
San Diego Padres      35/1  
Seattle Mariners      100/1  
St Louis Cardinals      25/1  
Tampa Bay Rays      25/1  
Toronto Blue Jays      40/1  
Washington Nationals      75/1  
Pittsburgh Pirates      200/1  
Baltimore Orioles      100/1  
Kansas City Royals      200/1  
Texas Rangers      15/1  
San Francisco Giants      14/1 

AL Champ
Baltimore Orioles      40/1  
Boston Red Sox      7/4  
Chicago White Sox      10/1  
Cleveland Indians      65/1  
Detroit Tigers      16/1  
Kansas City Royals      80/1  
Los Angeles Angels      12/1  
Minnesota Twins      9/1  
New York Yankees      3/1  
Oakland Athletics      16/1  
Seattle Mariners      40/1  
Tampa Bay Rays      12/1  
Texas Rangers      15/2  
Toronto Blue Jays      20/1 

NL Champ
Arizona Diamondbacks      40/1  
Atlanta Braves      10/1  
Chicago Cubs      20/1  
Cincinnati Reds      10/1  
Colorado Rockies      10/1  
Florida Marlins      20/1  
Houston Astros      50/1  
Los Angeles Dodgers      15/1  
Milwaukee Brewers      12/1  
New York Mets      20/1  
Philadelphia Phillies      7/5  
Pittsburgh Pirates      150/1  
San Diego Padres      15/1  
San Francisco Giants      6/1  
St Louis Cardinals      10/1  
Washington Nationals      50/1 

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