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Dawn isn't just all good looks, although that's probably all you care about. She attended the University of South Florida on an academic scholarship and majored in chemistry. We're guessing some lucky lab partner had a great four years of undergrad.

Boy are we glad she left the nerdy world of science behind. Dawn has frequented television shows, earning bit parts in "CSI", "Las Vegas", "Veronica Mars" and "How I Met your Mother". Those credentials led Dawn to the hit show "Heroes" where she played the tattooed temptress Lydia in the fourth season.

Dawn is now slated to be one of the voices for the new animated show The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She's playing Pepper Potts, the main squeeze of one Tony Stark who the whole world knows as Iron Man. Looks like this buxom brunette has a thing or two for superheroes guys, so you better learn to fly or find some inhuman strength. What's her special ability, you ask? Her bikini clad body has left you powerless, hasn't it?